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How do I use this app?? The fax one that’s what I’m curious about.


Here’s how to send the fax on your mobile with Dingtone App.
Download and install Dingtone, open Dingtone, tap “connect”, then you’ll find mobile fax
*Send and receive faxes on your device:
• Take a photo and send it as a fax directly.
• Select a document or photo from your phone’s photo gallery or Dropbox, push one button and send the fax.
• Receive a fax on your phone with your Dingtone phone number. It’s as easy as receiving an email. No more standing around a fax machine waiting for your document.


Does not receive faxes unless I manually answer the call.
Is there a way to receive faxes automatically?
(Did not have voice mail setup last time I tried, if that matters)