Dingtone Enabled a Global Outpouring of Festive Well Wishes

During the 2016 New Year holiday, the world’s largest OTT virtual operator – Dingtone – led a Facebook campaign to send well wishes around the globe. Not only did Dingtone users send Happy New Year wishes to their friends and family in all corners of the world, but together with Google Maps, they also helped to light up a star map to represent their well wishes.

On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day alone, Dingtone users made 262,084 phone calls and sent over 500,000 SMS! People from 202 countries and areas used Dingtone to send well wishes to their loved ones.

For the world’s largest OTT virtual operator – Dingtone – this sending wishes and lighting stars campaign not only let people around the world feel the warmth of connecting with their family and friends in the midst of the cold winter but is also a test for Dingtone’s technology and servers spread around the world.

Over 30,000 users posted Happy New Year messages on Dingtone’s Facebook page.

One person working in the U.S. wrote that he regularly used Dingtone to keep in touch with his girlfriend in Nepal and during this New Year’s holiday he even used Dingtone to propose to her. All along, it was Dingtone that kept them connected while they were so far apart.

One person working in U.A.E. sent greetings to his mother in India, telling her he was doing very well and that she didn’t need to worry so much about him. One person working in England called his aunt in Nigeria.

One person said that it’s been several years since he left the Philippines to live in the U.S. and he has not been back home to celebrate New Year. Before he started using Dingtone, he missed his family a lot. He was only able to make a phone call to them during New Years. Now with Dingtone, he doesn’t have to wait for special holidays to call his family but can casually make free international call to Philippine anytime.

From Iceland to South Africa, from California to Tokyo, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Brazil, Jamaica, the Philippines…there are Dingtone users everywhere. Dingtone not only enables users to make cheap international calls and send international SMS, but also allows people to stay connected with their loved ones through the most advanced technology.

Since the company’s establishment, Dingtone has set out to make a superior product that can serve users around the world and make the world a more interconnected place. Presently, the Dingtone app is available in 6 languages- English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish. Dingtone can provide users with local phone numbers for many countries – U.S., Canada, England and Belgium. Local phone numbers for many other countries will soon be available.

Dingtone’s core management and technical team is made up of top personnel from America’s Silicon Valley. They use their best efforts to bring users the clearest call quality, the most convenient free SMS service, mobile faxing, real-time Walkie-Talkie and other services.

Thanks to our sponsors, Dingtone users only need to spend a couple of minutes on their phone every day to earn free Dingtone credits which can be used for making calls to mobile phones or landlines and sending SMS. Even if the other party doesn’t have Dingtone installed or they don’t have an available network, you can still communicate with them. How lovely is that?

What other exciting surprises does Dingtone have in store? Discover them for yourself!

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