How to pick good phone numbers on Dingtone and port out to your carrier?

Cannot get desired phone numbers from your local carrier?
Looking for a personalized phone number?
Dingtone can help! We have area codes that even the carrier does not have.


Even better, you can easily port out Dingtone phone number to your local phone carrier including AT&T, Verizon, T&Mobile and Sprint. That’s something big!

Ife Miller from Huston just picked 2 good phone numbers from Dingtone and port out to her carrier Verizon. Check out her story:good phone number

Why do you choose to get a US phone number on Dingtone? Instead of picking one from the carrier?

The carrier will state they don’t have numbers in one prefix or another. From experience by use of Dingtone for quite some time now, I’ve learned Dingtone can generate prefixes of choice that many wireless carriers cannot.

So I found an alternative route to gaining the prefix of my choice and just porting that number into my wireless service provider.

Which prefix did you get on Dingtone?

832 and a 281 which are becoming rare in Houston which is why they created a new prefix about a year or so ago.

Thanks to Ife for sharing her story. We are happy that Dingtone comes to help. What’s your original story of Dingtone? Find us on Facebook and we would love to hear from you.

Share the post to your Facebook and you may help your friends and family in looking for a good phone number.


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Hi there what are you doing.


Hi what are you doing.☺☺☺☺☺



Janae poteat

I would like that a lot

Maxou Chiasson

The nice app

Tenille Wade

Can I please get phone number 405-837-6856

Layek Khan


Andrea Hill

Ok how is this supposed to help? I want to pick a good phone number just by picking it and purchasing it for under 100 credits. Thank you very much.


I love this app when my phone is off i use it until i pay my bill



Joey mullins


Debbie hernandez

I néedon’t a phone number thanks


Love it


It awesome


Muy bueno y comunicación ok

Nizar kanji

Good service

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What’s your phone number?

Luis barrios



Hi you doing ok




Love it

Mark Shultise

I am having problems porting out my phone number. I have contacted support a couple of times via the app. It seems the information from your provider does not match mine. Can anyone help me?

Sam Heng

I need Dingtone

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