Is your Dingtone phone number allowed to be transferred to your local carrier?


port out Dingtone phone numbers

The short answer is NO.

Per the Terms of Service that you agreed to when you signed up your Dingtone account, phone numbers assigned to you are owned by Dingtone or its suppliers.

You do not have any rights to transfer the phone numbers or to use the phone numbers separate and apart from the Dingtone service. Dingtone only grants you a permission to access a Dingtone phone number even you pay certain amount of Dingtone credits when you get the number.

In order to port out a Dingtone phone number, first of all, you must pay an additional fee to purchase the ownership of the Dingtone phone number from Dingtone. The cost of purchasing the ownership of a phone number varies. You must provide your ID to Dingtone after you complete the payment. Once Dingtone verifies your ID, the ownership of the Dingtone phone number is transferred to you. Then, you will receive instructions to port out that phone number.

Port out Dingtone phone numbers

Ife Miller from Huston just picked 2 good phone numbers from Dingtone and port out to Verizon. Check out her story:

intervQ: Why do you choose to get a US phone number on Dingtone? Instead of picking one from the carrier?

The carrier will state they don’t have numbers in one prefix or another. From experience by use of Dingtone for quite some time now, I’ve learned Dingtone can generate prefixes of choice that many wireless carriers cannot.

So I found an alternative route to gaining the prefix of my choice and just porting that number into my wireless service provider.

Q: Which prefix did you get on Dingtone?

832 and a 281 which are becoming rare in Houston which is why they created a new prefix about a year or so ago.


Port out Dingtone phone numbers3


#1 Am I the owner of my Dingtone phone numbers?

No. Please check out the Terms of Services.


#2 Can I resell or lease Dingtone phone numbers?

No. Please check out the Terms of Services.


#3 Can I transfer my Dingtone phone numbers to another Dingtone user?

No. Please check out the Terms of Services.


#4 How much does purchasing the ownership of a Dingtone phone number cost?

It depends on the number you want to port out.


#5 How much does porting-out a number cost?

In additional to the fee you pay to purchase the ownership of a Dingtone phone number from Dingtone, Dingtone may charge an additional fee to assist you porting out a number.


#6 Can I seek a refund after I complete the payment to purchase the ownership of a Dingtone phone number?

No, we do not provide any refund.





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if i port my DT # out can i keep my # with my carrier as well??



Can I use this in Pakistan? Is this possible?


How do I submit to my phone company cause I do not have a real phone number …


I’m. Interested. In this.


After receiving my sim by carrier,Can it be use overseas?Do I need to roam the number

So if I port out DT number to carrier already but change mind to used another DT number instead. When I port in and port out successfully. It’s mean my old DT number still come back to my account or not? Example. I have 2 DT number (888)111-2222 and (888)111-3333 then from now I already port out (888)111-2222 to carrier but still used like 3 days and then would to used (888)111-3333 instead and when I port out (888)111-3333 to carrier transfer to (888)111-2222is successfully. I would like to know how about (888)111-2222 it’s come back to my account or… Read more »

Hi, can I port out my USA number in Nigeria? Cos am gonna be there for a while?


I been trying to port my number (901)646-6464 from dingtone to T-Mobile , I received a message from dingtone with my information & the account # & the pin for the account so T-Mobile been submitting about 100 requests to port my number from Bandwidth this is the company own dingtone but they still saying it is wrong information and this is the information provided by dingtone themselves so l don’t know what to do please someone help me thanks

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Can I use it as a google voice number?


Why do we need credits on this app the app text me is better because you do t need a certain amount of credits just to texted or call a loved one or friend it really is a big disappointment and is upsetting


It is certainly ticks me off when i try to call my mom or dad and get a notification that my ” credits are low” it is just flat out stupid


Can you return the option to port out numbers by using credits? You currently have credit cards as only option and you don’t even offer Paypal as payment option.