How to transfer your Dingtone phone number into your local carrier?


Do you know you can easily port out Dingtone phone number to your local carrier now?

Read on how many Dingtone users already take advantage of this feature :)

port out Dingtone phone numbers


Port out Dingtone phone numbers

Ife Miller from Huston just picked 2 good phone numbers from Dingtone and port out to Verizon. Check out her story:

intervQ: Why do you choose to get a US phone number on Dingtone? Instead of picking one from the carrier?

The carrier will state they don’t have numbers in one prefix or another. From experience by use of Dingtone for quite some time now, I’ve learned Dingtone can generate prefixes of choice that many wireless carriers cannot.

So I found an alternative route to gaining the prefix of my choice and just porting that number into my wireless service provider.

Q: Which prefix did you get on Dingtone?

832 and a 281 which are becoming rare in Houston which is why they created a new prefix about a year or so ago.


Port out Dingtone phone numbers 2

Want to port out your phone number as Ife did? Check out the brief steps below:

1.Tap on the number you want to port out.
port out Dingtone numbers-1

2. Tap “port out this number”port out Dingtone numbers-2

3. Tap next to enter your real name and zip code.port out Dingtone numbers-3

4. This screen provides you Dingtone account number and pin. Go to your new carrier to submit a port out request with the required information.port out Dingtone numbers-4


Port out Dingtone phone numbers3

tip#1 Should I cancel my Dingtone number while porting out the number? 

NO! Please do not cancel Dingtone number until your new carrier has given you a confirmation that your number has successfully transferred.

tip#2 How much credits does port out request?

It depends on the number you want to port out. Please make sure you have enough balance on Dingtone before you go to your new carrier to request port out. (as insufficient balance will lead to port-out failure. )

tip#3 When will the credits be charged?

Credits will only be charged after your number has been successfully port out.






    • The Dingtone Team

      Hi dear, Once you port out the number, it will become a real SIM card number. And You decide which carrier you want :)

    • The Dingtone Team

      Hi friend, currently Dingtone only support port out to American carriers(At&t, T&Mobile, Sprint and Verizon) :)
      But we will try best to provide more useful features for you :)

    • The Dingtone Team

      Hi dear, Onece the Dingtone phone number is port out, it becomes a real SIM card phone number. Generally, roaming will be required for oversea use( depends on the new carrier)

  1. Anthony

    So if I port out DT number to carrier already but change mind to used another DT number instead. When I port in and port out successfully. It’s mean my old DT number still come back to my account or not? Example. I have 2 DT number (888)111-2222 and (888)111-3333 then from now I already port out (888)111-2222 to carrier but still used like 3 days and then would to used (888)111-3333 instead and when I port out (888)111-3333 to carrier transfer to (888)111-2222is successfully. I would like to know how about (888)111-2222 it’s come back to my account or never come back. Thanks in advance.


    • The Dingtone Team

      Hi Anthony,
      thanks for your enquiry.If you already port out (888)111-2222 successfully, (888)111-2222 is no longer connected with Dingtone and will not come back to your account.

    • The Dingtone Team

      Hi friend, currently phone number can be tranferred to Sprint, Verizon, AT&T,T&Mobile :)It cannot be tranferred to Nigerian carriers.

  2. I been trying to port my number (901)646-6464 from dingtone to T-Mobile , I received a message from dingtone with my information & the account # & the pin for the account so T-Mobile been submitting about 100 requests to port my number from Bandwidth this is the company own dingtone but they still saying it is wrong information and this is the information provided by dingtone themselves so l don’t know what to do please someone help me thanks

    • The Dingtone Team

      Hi friend, please make sure you have enough Dingtone credits on your account as insufficient balance may cause port failure.Thanks.

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