How to Get a Free Phone Number

Normally, you get a phone number only when you pay for a phone landline service, when your buy a cellular SIM card or when your register for a VoIP service. The number comes with the service. But you can get free phone numbers without engagement and without monthly bills. There are services out there offering that, often in a package with a lot of interesting features. Here are some:

3 apps to get a free us phone number

1. Google Voice

Google Voice gives you a free phone number, through which you can have multiple phones to ring at the same time on an incoming call. The number comes along with a package of interesting features. For instance, you can have your voice calls recorded and converted into text and eventually sent to your email. You can also use this number to make free local calls, within the US, Speaking of which – so far, only people in the US are entitled to have a Google Voice number. You can also have your old phone number ported to the Google Voice service.

2. Sideline

Sideline is a second number app for Android, and it’s easy to use. The basic version is free, yet it comes packed with useful features and a polished user interface. Sideline allows you to transfer your existing number and select any area code you want. Texting is free and so are custom voicemail greetings and voicemail forwarding. The cost of calling is determined by your carrier plan, and international calling to over 165 countries costs $15 per month per user.

3. Dingtone
Dingtone is an emerging free calling app that gains great popularity in recent days for its comprehensive services. App-to-app calls and texts are totally free; though, the best part is that Dingtone allows free voice calling to any mobile or landline in over 200 countries at little or no cost. Therefore, you can shift to this free phone call without concern. In addition, you can get real free phone numbers on Dingtone. Just think about the idea of having two numbers on one phone- one for business and the other for family and friends. Better than any other apps, Dingtone offers phone number from a wide range of countries, including US, UK,Canada, Belgium and Netherlands.




  1. MacusHamilton

    it’s interesting but I am yet to get a number from your side please allocate a number to me that I can forward to my local phone number .
    I uses android phone

  2. Not A Fan of DT

    Struggling to understand how much Dingtone charges me in credits if I don’t make calls for one month? There is no schedule of costs to show how much to maintain a phone number without relying on getting free credits (very annoying) or making calls to my spouse’s Dingtone number several times each month but still having credits taken away, even though it is a DT to DT call. I don’t mind buying credits but don’t want them taken away without knowing why. Also, a “contact” to Dingtone went unanswered, even though it was sent from within my DT account. Too much hanky panky, if you ask me. Lay out the costs clearly, so I know how much I will pay and why calls to another DT phone does not qualify for the “monthly” requirement. I don’t want something for FREE but just want to know what I am expected to pay. Made a very nice and inexpensive call to Ireland, which was fine but lack of use cost so much more than expected. I don’t have a problem with finding the cost of calls to countries either to landline or cellphone but the “HIDDEN” costs have me totally confused.

    • The Dingtone Team

      Dear friend,
      Thanks for your message. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
      We value your feedback very much which is very important for us to improve Dingtone to better serve our users.
      For your information, if the US phone number is not used for 1 month, 10 dingtone credits will be charged to keep it active.
      If you need further information, please add Dingtone admin (id:14727659). We would love to hear from you.

  3. Not A Fan of DT

    After reviewing the “user manual” it states “phone numbers are expensive” and only serious users are permitted. I think that Dingtone needs to make accommodation for those who are new to it and are trying to get others to use Dingtone, which is not easy because there are so many other VOIP options. In particular, there are ones that give free calls within the US that have a monthly limit but FREE data and calls and they don’t have to be to another user of that service, as is required by Dingtone. If the numbers are “so expensive” why not a monthly charge if use does not occur. It seems as if Dingtone has been taking credits for that reason but don’t provide an explanation. Maybe a “clear warning” that lack of use will cost $xxx per month? If I don’t have a better idea of what to expect and will lose my “free” DT number with NO WARNING, it is time to look elsewhere or simply go with a SIM card while outside the US. If I could simply tell my friends that it cost $?? per year to keep the number, they will not bite, knowing that a lapse of use for a month or so will mean loss of a number they have provided to others as a “contact’ number.

  4. Rida

    Mujhy be USA ka no chiya.. Lakin 100 credit ksy collect krou… Jo Games De hoi.. Un ma jtny be points collect kr lo unhy km lagty or… Credit increase ksy kry

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