What’s your best memory with your dad?

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked Dingtone users from around the world…

What’s your best memory with your dad?

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Angle Ballah-spain

Angle Ballah, Spain:

Best memory between me and my dad: his funny jokes,hugs &kisses




Trust Wilson Chavani, Canada:

My father taught me don’t be lazy cause if you are lazy you will die poor.



Shahbaz Ali, Pakistan:

When I pass my Graduation exam my Dad brings me new IPhone SE…. this is unforgettable for me




Ishara Dilrukshi, Sri Lanka:

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. When i decide to go abroad, he belived in me. Just said take care of your self. Now he shines with pride when i succeed. He is my hero forever.



Eng Mohamed Bastawisy

Eng Mohamed Bastawisy, Egypt:

 When my dad and me were alone in home .. and cooked some food together and almost we burnt the home !! I loved it




Edris Fikes

Edris Fikes, United States:

I will have to say it was the day that he let me know that it was because I look like his mother my grandmother that he could never stay mad at me and I would always be able to tell him what to do.


Caesar Shuayb

Caesar Shuayb, :

when i hug him


Barek Abdul Fatema

Barek Abdul Fatema, Bangladesh:

When I say dad I love you


What’s your best memory with dad?

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  1. Nix

    The best memory of my dad is he taught me how to change the tire of a car at 8yo change oil at 10 and change the breaks and shocks at 13 my dads cool and because of him im the woman i am today

    • My father taught me how to pitch baseball and he also taught me a whole shitload of mathematics he was a good man I wish he was still around my family disowned me after his death and forged his will.

  2. Jamie-lee

    Best memory of dad I’d when growing up every Saturday he would put juke box Saturday night on and my sister brother my dad and myself would dance in the lounge room all night laughing and having lots of fun

  3. Athish

    Outside he is thought, don’t talk too much,very serious
    But inside him lovely so worry about my feature
    Uppachi I love you so much. …

  4. Farid Hamid

    When i was toodler i cried for chocklate then my father put me in his arm then go to the shop and bought a chocklate for me then give me a kiss. This memory is unforgettable. I love u dad

    • Sibu

      If it’s true story it’d be very heart melting but I don’t think so cause how did you remember when you’re a toddler, it’s really impossible except you start walking at the age of 6 or 7

  5. Mercy Mushani

    My best memory of my Dad is, him escorting me to school every opening day and coming to pick me up every closing day using a bicycle. (because there were no passable roads for vehicles around that place by then. It would take us 3 hours to reach). I great Dad he is till now.

  6. My father miss his family and bring many things for every one he said he like to bought gift for family members..may Allah keep in peace…AMEEN

    • Abdul razzaq

      I have a lot of memories with my father. He really encourage me on every step , he support me when I was failed to get admition in medical college and I lost strength .then he allowed me to come abroad and get my success. Now I am almost Dr. but my beloved father is not with me in this world. May Allah Bless him

  7. Maces hax

    My dad always ask I go to farm with him after school hours and I do always oblige and so he love me more and always tell his friends about me..mat his soul rest in peace

  8. Maria Rowena Sanchez Pantino

    best memory with my tatay when he teach me how to write read and understand the thing that’s happening around me and he said that it’s ok to have an argument with your parent’s but not to your in-law’s because your parent’s can understand you and their love as a parents can nwver be measured…i love you tatay so much thanks for always being der for us

  9. Malik

    I think we must celebrate everyday of our life with parents , my Dad advised me that don’t be in hurry for your future , in life you will face many problems but never give up just work hard , you will get your goal , so he is my hero ,I am Doctor now , completed my master in general surgery , love you Dad ,

  10. Mohammad Shoaib Khan

    My father always support me in every moment of life and give me confidence to help me life goals..
    Love you Abu…

  11. Mohammad Shoaib Khan

    My father always support me in every moment of life and give me confidence to help me to achieve life’s big goals..
    Love you Abu…

  12. Atifa

    I really miss him alwayz I missed everythng moment which I spend n enjoy with him 🌺🌹🌹🌹🌹lord make my father healthier alwayz

  13. md mahadi hassan

    Best memory of dad I want something my heart then I sellp and dream my dad say my dream and give me – I always pray for him long live my father and long live all fathers hole world

  14. Deepak

    All the moments spent with Dad😍😍
    Love you Dad
    I cant say one moment because all time with you are my favorite moment..😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Love U DAD

  15. Ami maja maja kno kichu dorker hola nija nija vabi but baba ka bolina kintu ami janiina baba amer moner kothay gulo kivaba buja jay r amer jonno ta niyaasa ami sobsomy boli valo takhuk prithibir sob baba r long live all fathers and helthy

    • Abdul

      I have a lot of memories with my father. He really encourage me on every step , he support me when I was failed to get admition in medical college and I lost strength .then he allowed me to come abroad and get my success. Now I am almost Dr. but my beloved father is not with me in this world. May Allah Bless him

    • Abdul

      I have a lot of memories with my father. He really encourage me on every step , he support me when I was failed to get admition in medical college and I lost strength .then he allowed me to come abroad and get my success. Now I am almost Dr. but my beloved father is not with me in this world. May Allah Bless him

  16. Dr. Chellaram

    My lovable father sacrificed his complete life for me but I am not sure how can show my courtesy…

  17. Chand baboo

    My father always support me in every moment of life and give me confidence to help me to achieve life’s big goals..
    Love you Abu…

  18. Avesh Alam

    My papa say me every time don’t be lazy and get up early morning and he trained me for every stregal and my best moment with my father when I childhood and playing cricket with my father and my father lose to me only for my happens but he was so good cricketer.😊

  19. Anuj

    Luv u papa happy fathers day there are many memorable moment but i want to share one when my father cook food at kitchen he handle kitchen …then i laugh so much nd then he started laughing for what is is doing….hehe luv u papa

  20. while i was bornwned in 1990 withhin time my father live in foreaign country. the name of country kingdom of saudi arabiya, now stil he lives in saudi arabia. he love me to much, he alwase try to come true avobe my all of ensist -what i need, but im failure but i cant come true my father dreams, what i tell to my father todays. i speeachless becoze im his blackship boy. however happy father’s day

  21. Abul

    my dad shine me that is a lot he did every thing for me that is i was succeeded in my Graduation from china love you dad

  22. Reyan Khan

    Memory to koi asi ha e nai Jo ma be share krta kyu k baba to tb e chalye gye thy es duniya sy JB ma aik Saal ka Tha. Sb khaty ha wo muj sy bht pyar krty thy wo khaty thy mara bata doctor bany ga Kash aj wo Mary pss hoty ma be un ki batye krta SB sy I mis you baba a lot

  23. Ronak

    In my childhood…….my father scolded me so much…..i seemed that he did not love me………..but now i can become a engineer……and i realize the reason of scold………..so i want to thank him for this scold………….😌😊😊

  24. Arsh Brar

    He always told me never to get into a fight but if you do punch that bastard hard to make​ him bleed 😂😂 I’ll take care of the rest

  25. He is a teacher, my role model, a man with a golden heart, hardworking,God fearing, dedicated to his duty, humble, loving and caring no matter what happens I still choose him to b my number one love and husband love him like no man’s business happy fathers day to my daddy Mr Stephen .O. Ehiedu.

  26. He is a teacher, my role model, a man with a golden heart, hardworking,God fearing, dedicated to his duty, humble, loving and caring no matter what happens I still choose him to b my number one love and friend love him like no man’s business happy fathers day to my daddy.

  27. Adil

    My Dad is a great and truthfull person..He complete my wishes whenever i want something he give me.No matter where he found are where he get

  28. jackychan

    I realy miss my dad cuz i m so faw from my dear dad.god give long and healthe.happy life for my father.and all brotheres and sisters.🌹

  29. jackychan

    Hi my dear dad.i miss u cuz i m so faw from u. My wish is god give u long happy life.and all my brothers and sisters fathers.all the world

  30. Anondi akter

    There are many moments and they all are precious for me.among them i think the best moment is when he teaches me moral subjects telling many interesting stories and his cooking 😍😍😍😍 i love his cooking. I love you abbu…….

  31. Dilawer

    My Father died in my Childhood but he was a great man in our family he loved me too much I always pray for my Father.

  32. Kuenga

    The one who doesnot make any mistakes are the one who doesnot do anything…so its ok to make mistakes and learn from it…love u daddy

  33. monalisa

    My father z d best gift of my life and no one can take his place..I always b confident in his words and eyes and I can do everything if my father z always with me even though I can win d whole world only with d support of my father..so I pray god I want to see my father until my last breath….love u so much baba…

  34. Toukir

    When i was toodler i cried for chocklate then my father put me in his arm then go to the shop and bought a chocklate for me then give me a kiss. This memory is unforgettable. I love u dad

  35. Max

    The best memory of my Dad is the discipline he inculcated into me by making the man I am today. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

  36. Md Yousuf

    The best and greatest memory with my dad is when he teach me for swimming. He loves me a lot. And I love him too.

  37. Hanaa m

    My dad is my hero, is my paradise on earth. I remember many things, he carrying my on his shoulders, I love that.

  38. SMW

    I was 13 years old. Just the age was to misguide by any chance. I remembered we some class mate went to a restaurent after school. We were eaten something but I remembered we don’t have enough money. Restaurent located next to school so owner known to us as a school student. Looks he had plan to consider us but he taken details identity. Next day when we went to school class teacher inform 3 of us to go principle office. We were too worried why he is calling but finally come to know that restaurant owner complain to school. However principle asked us and informed to call my father. I request principle not to call my father but he not agree and finally I call my father. It was how much embrassing situation for me I can’t explain. Reason for my bad activities school call my father, so he may too much angry. So I was too scared. Finally my father asked to principle may I bring my son to house today. He got permission and we back. But I surprised he not angry with me just inform me don’t do anything which by yourself feel not good and As a father I feel not good as well. But somehow that’s one sentence more than enough for my future guide line. My father already expire but I can’t forget that memory. I love you Dad.

  39. MUHAMMAD nawaz

    My father is very sensitive but he is not lazy and also he very hard worker he is doing best for our future

  40. mahabubul alam

    When I was young, I told my father how much education would I do? Dad said that you want to wear as much as you like. Dad, I make a lot of you. I pray that you live in Paradise.

  41. yasmeen

    Every single second i spent with my dad is unforgettable.i am a married woman with my own reponsibilities. My husband doesn’t let me visit my parents. So i relish all my memories . I consider every day as fathers day, &Keep praying to GOd for my parents.

    • Dr Aziz

      We can pray for you. May God put mercy in the heart of your husband to permit you to go to the grave of those you want to go.

    • Tom

      If you’re husband won’t let you go visit your parents then he definitely isn’t the guy for you, that’s for damn sure. Any guy that stops you from doing something that you wanna or do and with whomever you want, You need to get away from. These guys are bad news and will never ever change for the better. You deserve so much better and so much more

  42. Sylvester

    I have done many mistakes but he’s suffering for that coz of me they sacrificed there life … I’m not worth to them I hope I should let this world soon 😢😭 my parents are real super Hero’s

  43. Sammy

    When I was leaving my country for studies and he accompanied me half of the way telling me all the good things and taking care of me . I knew he had tears in his eyes but he was strong for me and now I am strong for him ❤ I love my dad ❤

  44. Andrea

    I never had the chance to know my father the way I wished I know him. Lost him when I was barely 2. Best memory were plans he intended doing just to make sure I get the best out of life.. I love you DAD!!

  45. Jay

    My best memory of my father was, going for a drive in his chocolate brown colour Ford Cortina. In the 70s the car was cool.!!

  46. Michael Lewis

    My dad is my hero, he loves me so much and he cares about me and my brothers. He isn’t rich but he feels rich each time he looks on us his children, he says we are the pillars of greatness. His memory lives on forever.

  47. My father always tell me this word, that the beautiful woman had not been born yet so I should focus and think about better future not to think of woman every time. I love you Dad, I wish you long life, more prosperity and to always be there for me

  48. Gergetsang

    My Father teach me life is to short .So never waste your time.Learn always new things.be with family and friends.Try to be a good Person.

  49. Utpal das

    My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. When i decide to go abroad, he belived in me. Just said take care of your self. Now he shines with pride when i succeed. He is my hero forever

  50. Natasha

    Our best memories are to be with each other always speaks about good things but i missed u alot …may ur soul rest in peace !!!😐😐

  51. Nooruddin

    My dad sacrifice every thing for me
    An used to say me son you will learn soon how to sacrifice for others when you get married

  52. Mohammad Abdul Awal

    There shouldn’t be one or two moment that I could describe this was the best moment with my dad rather I would say every moment with my dad is the best moment in my life. Even though when he tought me how to walk or how to eat in my childhood. Love you baba may allah bless you.

  53. Emenogha Christopher

    The day dad gave me a bible as a gift, he said “God is the giver of life never stop praying my son”

  54. Prince

    I remembered when I was with my Dad we do all things together indeed we ate in the same plate,he taught me not to smoke neither drink alcohol I’m proud of him even if he’s no more with me at the present time may he soul rest in perfect peace and to enjoyed this precious day wherever he’s with the Creator.

  55. Mirza asif

    My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. When i decide to go abroad, he belived in me. Just said take care of your self. Now he shines with pride when i succeed. He is my hero forever.
    I miss my father my dady no live I love you my dady I miss always

  56. Mirza asif

    I miss you my dady I love you my dady my hero my dady I love you always I like always but no live my dady is death I miss

  57. Dr Aziz

    His advice’s and endless love and givivg us the courage how to live in this world is remarkable. I love my dad more than myself

  58. Maryam Shahzad

    My all the memories with my dad are so special & bestest in the world. I love you Papa & I miss you alot. You are my Hero.

  59. Amit

    I love my Dad our best memories are they always love me and support me in whatever I want to do with a way to reach the Goal

  60. Kiaraa

    Best memory with dad when i had to london n was skiing and we both dnt knw who had o ski and told him to be careful and watch ur steps and kept advising him what to do m not and i feel down so hard on the ground lol that he couldnt stop laughing as i was the one giving him suggestions lol…..b st moment ever

  61. I ever love with my dad the best memory with my dad is unforgetable . Early morning come on my bed wake up me for fajar prayer. Always
    Buy a nice cloth for me and give me Eid on Eid day
    i rely love my dad so much .

  62. Nipa

    When he is calling me Mother(Maa)…that time I felt,I’m the luckiest girl in this world.he is my hero,love u Abbu(baba)(father)

  63. Petra Neisz

    He loved me, was there for me and picked me up when i needed him. Was the one who was providing me that i was able to learn horseback riding.

  64. Royel

    my father is the best father in the earth I mind it. a lot of memory are ever steel fresh in my mind. I love my father very much. I miss u baba.

  65. InnoXent BacHa

    I really miss him alwayz I missed everythng moment which I spend n enjoy with him lord make my father healthier alwayz

  66. When I was little and sick… mummy was not around… daddy took care of me till I became well and thereafter. I Love my dad for that… he stayed awake at night because of me… and got me ready for school too… he’s my knight in shining armour… I LOVE DADDY

  67. Harsh

    My dad is best. He always told me never to get into a fight but if you do punch that bastard hard to make​ him bleed 👍I follow him.

  68. my dad is best for my life..I always love him to my life..my dad always think about my life.. I always pray god for my dad, he can always stay with my life..I love you so much dada..I miss you so much dad..please don’t go anywhere without me..I want to stay always with you..I lobe you dad..

  69. Neyda M Sánchez Báez

    Auque no estés a mi lado en éstos momentos se qué estás bien cuidado ay en cielo con Dios,Té felicitó por aver sido él mejor padre del mundo para mí y mis hermanos 💋💋💋💋💋muchas felicidades.

  70. Abdul Hannan

    My father is superhero she is not fighting and not flying but she is best superhero for my life in the world
    My superhero don’t have any super power
    But my all wish make
    World don’t know she’s but she is my world
    But have a one problem
    She tell me I have so much money
    But I know she don’t have any money
    She tell me I am don’t hangry
    She tell me I am don’t crying
    But she is all make for me
    I Love you daddy my superhero

  71. Hameed

    My dad used to say, never ask anyone for money. Do believe in your hard work, hard earned and help needy people.
    I really miss

  72. martins

    The best memorable moment with my dad ,Each time he told me were children that has parents been given advice a child without parents listen to leave with it……

  73. dimple

    FATHER – My hero , who always treat me like a good friend . The only person to whom i can say a living legend . Many times at first i disagree his views , his advices and suggestions but later have to admit that whatever he says holds a logic and is really appropriate for me . Though i’m far apart but whenever i speak with him he always ask and prefer my comfortness but never let me feel anything about his hard life.
    Wish Allah bless you with the best, brings all the happiness and charms in your life, live long✌️

    Stay cool stay blessed ,Dad😎

  74. Jay

    My dad used to take us to Scioto Downs to watch the horse races, me and my brothes ate junk food all day, loved it

  75. Suganya

    My best memories with my dad is he’s so funny we always make jokes and we always act like best friends. I never think of him as a father we act more then that we tell each other everything he’s like my dad and my mom since I don’t have a mom he’s all I got

  76. David

    My Father give the best gift in my life , he let me read And love to read and find my way in this world and success. I love you

  77. Octavio

    Eres a todo dar papá lo eres, y lo seras de por vida, te deseo lo mejor, y claro tendras un regalo, mi amor, para papá
    Te amo!!!

  78. Chiamaka Ikeobi

    I had great memories with my dad and still do.
    I can never forget the lovely stories he told me, which l learnt a lot from them. My dad encourages me to never give up in life, that hardworking pays and I should always be patient. I love my dad so much❤❤❤
    Thanks Dingtone

  79. Quintin

    When I was little my grand dad use to wake everybody up in the house almost every morning with his singing ! His voice bounced off the walls

  80. Chris stringer

    The best memory of my dad was a few years ago I was able to be with his dad and my dad on father’s dad he was so happy . Rest in peace grand dad!

  81. Vaitheeswari

    I don’t know if i m a good daughter for him but he is the best for me becoz he thinks I m the best .. everyday in my life with him is a best memory to have . I love him a lott.. and I miss him a lot to

  82. Gregory Graham

    The way dad would laugh at nothing when he’d had a few.
    Then his mood would suddenly change and we’d run for our lives.
    Good times…good times

  83. I don’t really have found memories with my dad. He wasn’t really there and when he was it was cool and he was fun to have around but he wasn’t really a father or a father figure. Maybe I liked the idea of having a dad but what’s the point of having a father that you can’t even talk to. I do want to say that my mom’s boyfriend now has been more of a father to me then my dad has ever been and I want to thank him for that he deserves all the love for this day

  84. Tom

    First i really did have the best dad ever and I’m will be 57 next month but his life lessons and maybe I’m slow but every word he said was so true I just wish i would have bine a better son I love and miss you dad

  85. Sandy jo

    My father took me fishing, out to eat just him and I, he always had a special gift for me on my birthdays and Xmas. He would tell jokes that I still share today. I had a wonderful father and he is greatly missed. I love you dad, and I will meet you in heaven when it is my time. Until then I will try to live by the morals that you always tought me.

  86. Amber wolf

    When we went on vacations to Orlando n Mountain n Six Flag n Carowind n beaches he been gone 3 years miss him so much

  87. Brent


  88. James

    Saving my life (when I was 7 years old) when I was at the bottom of a lake drowning: I still remember his hand through the murky water.

    Saving wounded buddies on the battlefield (I had to hear through my uncles, because my dad was too humble & traumatized to tell anyone).

    Kicking back, drinking brews with burgers, especially when I was, ummm, let’s say…rather young? 😉

  89. Henry

    The best memory i have of my father was when i beat the shit out of him for almost killing my mother. She was beat so bad she was confined to a bedroom for two months. So i went and got a second degree black belt and beat the hell out of him. And as he slid down the wall saying he had enough, i told him he did not give Mom that chance and beat her more, so i beat him more….. almost 35 yrs ago and have not spoken to him since. my Mother passed away in 1998 and i will never forgive him…

  90. Delbert

    My best memory was trying to be the boss of the house giving orders but only weighted 20lbs and walk off likes everyone was scared

  91. Shon

    My best memory of my Dad is when he used to play a hand game with me when I was a little girl. I would have to try to slap his hand as he moves them very quickly while making funny sounds and beats with his mouth.

  92. Paul

    My best memory of dad was our anual labor day fishing and crabing trip. We would go the day before and camp out on the pier. One year we had so many crabs we had to go buy 5 trash cans to bring them all home. All the neighbors came with burners to help cook them and clean them I think it took five six hours with neighbors helping to cook and clean them it was a great time.

    Well Dad in 3 weeks it will be 19yrs that you left us. I would anything to have 1 more breakfast at Denny’s with you.
    Tell mom hi.
    Love and miss you dad

  93. Sherry

    When dad and I would work our cattle and riding along side with Dad are memories that can never be taken away. RIP dad you are greatly missed.

  94. tanejajames26@gmail

    The best time I had with my dad is when we went to Wingate park and watch the
    O-jays perform

  95. Latasha

    Cleaning all the furnature out pf the livingroom and learning to line dance with him at 6 and 7 years old. Or sitting in the car on saturdays while he hooked up the 8 track player so we could listen to his collection. Oh maybe it was going to work with him on side jobs doing construction or roofing and him teaching me everything that h knew and made me who i am today… There are so many memories i cant choose just one… I love you Daddy! Happy Fathers Day in Heaven!

  96. TaNiyah Williams

    My best memory of my was when he took me and my other siblings to the water park.💯😂😂# memoriesofdad

  97. My dad was picking me up from school when I was in 6th grade made me drive home at 12 yrs old mind you I never drove a stick shift we spun out because the clutch died out on the highway all you hear is my dad screaming like he was Mariah Carey in glitter lol love you pops you the truth hahaha

  98. Greg K

    The best memory of my dad is when we got to celebrate in Victory Circle with Kevin Harvick after he won a race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.
    Now that was awesome!!

  99. Mandi

    The best memory of my dad is all our fishing trips 2 the beach.I miss my daddy more n more everyday.Happy Father’s. Day in heaven daddy😘

  100. AFTER my dad died, so much of everything I do reminds me of him. The way I deal with people is directly because of how I ve watched him keep his dignity and respected everyone he was in contact with. Happy Father’s day dad, I still love you and miss you so much!!!!

  101. Alejandro CerranoGriffin

    My most memorable moment is when my dad told me to “Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up” and because of this I see beauty in ugliness, peace in calamity, and sympathy in time of scorn. That’s what my dad told me n I live by those words plus he raised me to be a FreeMason where good men are made better.

  102. Fawad

    My dad did so many things to make me and my siblings feel loved. He made us feel like individuals, and made it a priority to do fun games with all of us. We all had a special time with him, one on one and we all have amazing memories because of it. I love him so much to this day, and no one can take his place.

  103. mushahid

    Happy Father’s Day to all of you. ..my father one of best dad of the world.. He taught me how to live our life. ..he Introduce me from the world around.. .He loves me more than all the dad love their kids. I can even think what are thing he is doing for me. .I will do for him or not. ..So now I am apart from my Dad. .I am missing my too much. .He is my Best friend. …
    My father is my king
    I Love you abu jaan 💙💛💜😘😘

  104. Nicki

    I used be scared of everything, but my dad always encouraged me by saying this like “nothing is too scary or dangerous if you know what you’re doing…if you fail, try it another way until you figure it out” I loved his advice

  105. Audrey

    My best memory of my dad was my wedding day when he walked me down the isle and before we walked down the isle he was crying and said he felt like he was loosing his baby girl and I told him and reassured him he was not loosing me that i will forever be his baby girl his lil girl

  106. Tammy

    My Dad is no longer with us he pasted away in Jan 2010 but I have many memories with my dad . My best memory is when I was in 5th grade I played softball and after my dad had worked out in the summer heat 115 to 120 degree weather for 8 hrs a day he would come home and we would get ready to go to the softball field and my dad would coach our team of girls . We would practice for 2 hrs 4 times a week. I felt sorry for my dad because some of the girls couldn’t throw a ball or catch a ball either. And they were cry baby’s . My dad worked so hard to try to get our team to be good enough to atleast get a score on the board at our games. . Well as time went on we did get better.I remember my dad would take the whole team to DQ after our games and buy all of us girls ice cream.my dad was a great coach with alot of patience.I was always glad he was our coach and proud to tell everyone that was my dad. I miss him so very much I wish I could call him today and tell him Happy Father’s Day to hear his voice just one more time. But I will send him a ding in heaven today because it is his very special day in heaven. I love and miss you dad happy fathers day up there .till we are together again.love your daughter Tammy💕💕💕

  107. Kizzy

    My best memory of my dad is when my husband asked my dad for my hand in marriage and my dad gave him the fatherly talk.

  108. Nick

    Best memory of my dad was when I was about 7. It was summer and we were on our way back home from getting ice cream. I got peanut butter cup as usuall and he had some coffee flavored one. Anyways about half way home, some guy cut us off and my dad had to slam on the brakes, both of our ice creams fell and spilled in the car. My dad was so upset that he followed the guy to yhe next atop light, boxed him in, got out of the car, and pulled the guy out of his car through his window, pinned him to the ground with his hands on his his neck face to face talking to him for about 20 sec and the guy began to nod his head like he was agreeing with my dad. The guy gave my dad 20 bicks and we went to get more ice cream.

  109. Frank

    My father was always with me in good times and bad. He gave even when there was nothing to give. He was a man that was a gentleman who taught me to always be truthful and honest and never forget those who have helped me along lifes great journal. I will never forget you father.

  110. Chris

    Lol my best memory of dad is my mom she has been both my whole life and I love her for that so happy father’s day mom

  111. Michelle

    My best memory is when he chased the cat arou d the dining room table after he, the cat, bit my cheek. The way he ran and yelled at the cat was so hilarious that I started laughing and forgot about the pain.

  112. Fernando W

    My father left when I was two because my mother is a psychopath. Thanks, dad, for leaving us with a psychopath.

  113. April

    My best memory of my dad is our father and daughter Christmas Eve dinners.Every year we would go to our favorite Chinese restaurant and talk about how I was doing. I miss those times as well as my dad.he is still alive but we don’t see eachother anymore because of his work.

  114. Joey Moses

    All his pranks he played so hilarious and how we would laugh. Going boating with him he would hit the big waves….and watching TV together! Cartoons like The Hobbit and lots of my fave Star Trek. He always took care of me.

  115. My best memory is Christmas vacation from school when my dad and I would head to lake milac we had a ice house with bunk bed table and stove for cooking.the best was when we caught a fish the reels would have bells in them so when the fish swallowed the hook and swim away we knew we had a fish than we pull it up and also no fridge was needed we used the ice hole .best to my grandparents had a big ice house and a shed in back to go potty like little house on the praire

  116. Michelle

    My greatest memory of my dad is how he would say to my uncle when I’m standing between them what time is it then they would put their elbows up and say sandwich time. Also when my dad says I’m his favorite daughter (because I’m his only daughter)

  117. Md. Easarot Hossain

    I miss my father. when I was little then, he give me the food by his hand. because my mother was ill.

  118. Karen

    My mom was my dad so I want to wish my mom a happy father day. An my grandpa wish him a happy father he was my father too

  119. Zoe

    My best memory of my dad is anytime he sings to me. He doesn’t know it, but the music he sings relays a message that I need to hear every time I cry. I love my father more thatln anyone on the planet. ❤

  120. Don Elnauk

    My Dad taught me how to be honest and be truthful. He said and l quote : ” when you fought for this and struggled for that, then won by honest means you will be certified. This is the one victory of life “.

  121. Robby

    My best memory is when I got older i thank god for him for being with my mom and having me and my twin brother.

  122. Charlena

    Everyday with my dad are good memories. He’s showed me what it means to be a good parent and no material if your a mom or a dad you do what we’re it takes to take care of your family. My dad is the most selfless person I know always putting others before him and that’s were I get it from. Love you daddy. A sons first hero, a daughters first love

  123. Edith

    The best memory I have of my dad is how he used to sit me down and study with me, teaching me mathematics, reading through and updating my notes and making topics clearer to me. I excelled in school because of my dad’s help. I miss him.

    • The Dingtone Team

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  124. Rebecca

    Wow this is tough as three great memories stand out immediately the first is when my father in 1996 in Texas decided to man up and become a single father of four daughters and one son for 8 years all by himself, second is my dad letting me stand on his shoulders during an AeroSmith concert he took me to for my 18th birthday where I got to touch Steven Tyler’s leg, and the look on my father’s face and in his eyes when he showed up for my basic army combat training graduation. That look of extreme pride and how in that instant all the struggles he chose to go through to make sure I lived my dream was more than worth it. Love you pops!!!!!

  125. Chay Marie

    Making Salsa together and taking shots of the Extra hot salsa.. He has passed but have many good memories.

  126. Myra

    The day my dad came home from work and said to my sister and I “come listen to this strange noise I hear in my truck”. We hopped in and listened hard for a moment. “Peep, peep, peep!” It sounded like a bird! My dad said look down there. It was 3 baby geese! We fell in love with them instantly! My dad knows how to make surprises special!

  127. Amber

    My best memory of my dad is the day he worked all day in a tobacco field cutting tobacco and took his pay check and bought me my favorite kid sister doll that I still have now and I’m almost 30 Years old. And that same day my mom was hoping for dad to bring home a box of KFC chicken he didn’t he bought his little girl the doll of her dreams!!!!

  128. Mario

    I remember when he would carry me on his shoulders and he would whistle to the birds and they would whistle back, I thought that was so cool.

  129. Tony

    My dad told me, when its time for you to be free, you will be free.. Therefore don’t fight to get respect or to get freedom, earn it nd it will be worth the while nd the wait…

  130. Sam

    Our first beer together when he taught me that you can catch flies with honey, but you will catch more honeys when your fly.

  131. Christina

    My dad taught me to fish and when i caught one he threw it back to little i was so sad but he was 6’4″ so i just said ok

  132. Shaniqua

    My dad was strong, unique he had the best sense of humor n direction… He had the funniest smile n was so smart especially when it come to the streets couldn’t tell him nothing… I love n miss my daddy so much Happy Father’s Day in Heaven Dad… R. I. P 3/25/13

  133. Starla

    26546849 i.d my best most favorite memory is this past New year’s when my dad drank a little to much and when the ball dropped he said happy birthday …

    • The Dingtone Team

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  134. Niecy Nae

    I didn’t know my biological dad. But I did have the best step father a girl would only dream of having, I am the second youngest of ten children and he was my youngest sister’s dad. He was generous, funny, caring and treated me and my other siblings as if we were his own. You don’t know many men who would have been the man he was. I wouldn’t have traded him for the world. I loved him very much.

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  135. Carrie

    My Best Memory With My Dad Is, When I Was A Little Girl Like Around 8, We Would Get Up At 3:30 In The Morning And Get Ready To Go Fishing For The Day. We Would Drive To A Big Lake Somewhere, Rent A Boat, And Fish The Whole Day. I Loved It, And Looked Forward To Everytime We Went. MISS my Dad, And Those Times. Happy Father’s Day Day. LOVE YOU.💖

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  136. Cristina

    My Best Memory Of My Dad Is Going Fishing. He Tech Me A lot Of Thing’s When I Was Growing Up. The One Thing I Will Always Remember Is Don’t Ever Let People Put You Down When You Can Tech Other People Wrong.

  137. Cheryl Haddox ID7514488

    My best memory of my dad is when he was getting ready to walk me down the isle of my wedding and he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “I’m not ready to give my little girl away yet… ” Then gave me a kiss and and continued on.

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  138. robyn

    My dad was a great man .Loved by many.He always helped people when ever hr could.I loved playing poker in our family playoffs on vacations.

  139. Kim

    My best memory was when I got the Job with MTA and he said to me I didn’t know you was interested in a job working for them! It was in 2012 with my first pay I was going to have a drink with him not know he would pass away before I got a chance. SIP DAD I MISS YOU SO MUCH UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN😘

  140. Jessica

    My father taught me to be a strong, independant, and classy woman. My best memory of my father Emilio (RIP) is when we would dance. I was so young then that I would step on his toes. I learned to dance that way. I miss him everyday but even more so today.

  141. She I turned 12. My Dad would take Me to work with Him Everyday. We’d paint people’s houses, clean carpets, wash walls. HE WAS AN ENTREPRENEUR! He’d pay Me $50 a week. He’d Build houses. I LOVE my Dad. He made Me the woman I am today. I LEARNED SO MUCH JUST FROM WATCHING MY DAD. I CAN Hang Ceiling fans. FIX FIXTURES. A Lot of Things. THANK You DAD! U r AWESOME!! :-)

  142. The best thing about my dad is everything he does for everyone that needs his help and he is good to my mom he served in the Navy and he is now retired he is good to me and my family and he would do anything for us if he can I love you Dad happy father’s day praying for you to get better

  143. What’s best memory of dad? Well im speechless my dad R.I.P Mr.Ernest James Spencer Sir.has been gone 14yrs. Now and it seems it was like yesterday I lost him.My dad was my hero my life my breath my everything. The memory I carry with me always of my pop a Joe is when he would leave around October because he was a cook on a hunting least in Cotulla TX.Before he left that day he looked me in my eyes and told me that he will never leave me he will be back and for me to take care of mama.That man was something for you he didn’t. See no color there was no black or white we were all the same today is bitter sweet for me but I thank God for giving me this. Man . my father,Mr.Ernest JAmes Spencer sir. Your truly missed. Love your baby jody blind. (Jody Mcclendon)

  144. Scotty

    I wish i had a father to spend father’s day with i never new my dad he was never there and he died when i was 22

  145. Julia

    My father tried to commit suicide a few years back. My younger brother found him and came to my mother and I. I ran as fast as i could into the deep woods. When i found him he was blue. I started CPR. I got a heart beat…and then a breath. A few days later he told me thank you. He thought he was ready to die but soon found that je wanted to live. Saving his life is tje worst but best moment in our lives!

  146. Lindsay

    My favorite memory of my day is when I was little and he would hold me and dance in circles and sing rock a by baby. When he got to the part that said and down would come baby, he would toss me in the air and catch me.

  147. Jason

    Best memory,

    After 37 years of surchibg for him and finally finding him on Facebook. Reaching out with an email and getting the whole denial at first then finally that follow up email with we can continue thru life as strangers or continue to email, up to me? Life goes on……

  148. Roxane

    My best memory of my dad is when he took me and all my sisters fishing. He rented a boat and we spent the whole day on the lake telling jokes and laughing. At the end of the day only my youngest sister caught a fish. It was tiny and became a big joke to us all.

  149. Brittany

    My best memory would be my dad just spending time with me and my sister.ever day just knowing what it is like to grow up with ur daddy in the house

  150. I love my father he is always there for me when I fall he pick me up and when ever I call on him he is there by my side in the morning at night and when I wake up in the morning He Name is God hallelujah hallelujah AMEN I don’t have dad my dad abandoned me at the age of 3years old and my mom died TO so I don’t remember what she looks like I only have pictures of her and dad never was in my life from day one when I was born and my dad still is not in my life and I don’t have kids due to have my uterus tuck out so The Lord Jesus is my father I talk and pray to him every day I love my God for keeping me under he’s wings AMEN

  151. sandrail

    My dad fell off a grain elevator 3000 ft. To his death and I miss him very dearly, this is my best memory when I was told I put you here ill take you out of here .And whatever you become and do with your life , even a bum or an asshole be the best bum or asshole there is . If you get chased out of town get to the front of the crowd and make it a parade.love you dad

  152. Faye Levine

    My dad and I would sit on my porch and talk about the good old days and when I had my first child he was right there with me i miss and love him so much

  153. Hanane

    When he bless me everytime I speak with him. He supported me when I was broken and finish all the time our conversation “courage benti courage”❤❤

  154. Rachel Townley Houser

    my dad was one of the real members of the Animal House fraternity so it is hard to pick one memory but I think my favorite times were when he played guitar and sang to us…The Fox…old folk tune was my favorite…he would play with the guitar behind his head on those really wild nights and that made us laugh…

  155. Adedayo

    My dad is the best in the world he taught me how to where a big smile, taught me and also make me laugh (my #1 comedian) and he taught me to strong and believe in myself.

    Dad you are the best! Adedayo.

  156. every moment when papa talk to me bocomes memorable but the most momorable moment for me was that when gave me permission to go abroad for mbbs that i had never expected from him.he gave me life 1st n then future its all enough for me.after god my life is on the mercy of my parents.love u dad

  157. Shamika H.

    The best memory of my dad is the day he walked into my life 21 years ago. Through his love and concern, i became his daughter not stepdaughter. As the days passed by he became my dad not my stepfather. I love him to no end, my hero.
    ♡UNbreakable BOND♡

  158. Jared White

    My best memory with my Dad is him always willing to teach me everything he knew about working on cars and construction. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today.

  159. Tanya

    Fathers Day Best memory for me was when I finally met him for the first time it felt like.
    I was 5 and my mom moved and remarried so wasn’t able to see him ever until God answered a prayer for me and my grandmother found me. Flew from Texas to California in the summer of 1977 .
    I was so excited yet so scared but it was a wonderful summer.
    He was able to stay in touch with me and came and stayed with me and met his first granddaughter. He was involved in a tragic accident the year my second daughter was about 3 months old.
    So memories is all I have and God took him away at the age of 46.
    I love you Dad, My 😇

  160. I don’t have any memories because I don’t have a dad to have memories with. I wish I did have a father to share those memories with and tell him that I loved him

  161. Nicole

    Three years old my dad was working on the 67 mustang and i was sitting in a grease puddle helping and playing with tools

  162. Fasil

    The best memory of my dad is his scolding.His scloding when i do wrong and his scolding when i don’t do right.Its made me a good man with a great personality

  163. Reena Eric

    When i was 7years old my dad used to tell me and my siblings the stories at night from the Holy Bible under the opened sky❤ the best memory for me

  164. Santos b

    Well tell the truth my bad died when i was a baby never got to tell him happy father day cause no. One ever told me were he was at i miss him were ever you are happy father day dad

  165. Angie

    When after dreaming n waiting a long 38 yrs (just 4 yrs ago) I finally found and was able to meet my Daddy for the very first time!!! 💕

  166. Cassandre Bayard

    Mine is actually dead since I was 2 but I do have my heavenly father who always protect and guide me in every single thing I do. One of my best memory is when I was lonely and he comes to me and don’t sad I’m always there for you today and forever. I love you Father ( God) thanks to Jesus Christ I have you. I’m grateful for that

  167. taofikat Yusuf

    Happy father’s day to my lovely dad I remember the day my dad told me don’t use evil to pay evil be a good girl😁

  168. Chuck

    Never meet my father. Car accident when I was 2. Still haven’t recovered even though I never had the chance to know him. RIP. Dad. Im grateful to have a step father the raised me as 1 of his own.

  169. Chelsey

    The best memory with my dad is when we sit in the dining room and have great conversations, teaching me all the obstacles in life. I love you dad! 💜❤

  170. Dode

    My dad 🙏god bless him, 😭pass away a few months ago. I love ♥️him so much. When we were together we play,hug,laugh,sing.

  171. Rayyan id# 8545237

    The each and every moment which I spent with my father is countless and memorable for me. He always treat me like prince.

  172. princewill

    My dad gave me what no human being has ever given me. He trusted me and believed in me despite the situation I was in. I’ll forever LOVE HIM. he’s the best Dad.

  173. My best memory of my dad is when I watched him grab his chair and a book and sit down outside my older sisters bedroom window at night waiting for her to make her move . When she did open the window to sneak out she put one foot out and stepped right on top of my dad’s head..!! He’s smart like that. LoL I never laughed so hard . Was awesome cause that meant she was now on dish duty for at least a month lol. U had to be their. Thanks for making me laugh and reminding me of good days. Thanks
    💕💖jody Harris 💋

      • Abu

        My dad taught me about the value of God fearing. Proverb 9:10 ” The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.”
        Thanks Dad.

  174. mamun

    I will have to say it was the day that he let me know that it was because I look like his mother my grandmother that he could never stay mad at me and I would always be able to tell him what to do.

  175. mamun

    I will have to say it was the day that he let me know that it was because I look like his mother my grandmother that he could never stay mad at me and I would always be able to tell him what to do. I love always my dad. He is always king of me.

  176. Mike

    Great memory of Dad, would be teaching me to drive in the snow. We went to a big parking lot and he told me to get some speed and then swerve to the right. The car slid out of control, and I learned how to recover when the car is sliding. We had fun but the lesson has save me in rain and snow.

  177. Francesca

    How my father would just listen to me, never interupts and then gives an honest reply. Always supportive no matter the situation. He has been a hard worker all his life. Always had 3 or 4 jobs to support his family. I love him dearly. He is more of my best friend as well a father!

  178. Talisa

    My best memory of my father is him taking me fishing and being by my side and his jokes always put a smile on my face

  179. Nini

    I love you dad because you are always the best dad that I could ever ask for because your always there when I need you like when I get hurt you rush there to see if I am okay your the best dad that I could ever ask for in this whole universe 💖you dad.

  180. khalid

    My dad is my love , he was always with me and he will be always with me.My dad is the best best dad in the world.The best memory of my dad is when he thought me how to play badminton.By catching my hand he thought me everything.I love my dad. My dad is the best dad In the world. Happy “DADS DAY”

  181. Ali hosain

    I love my dad to much.
    My dad always loved me a lot,My father passed away since 17years ago.
    When I’m age of 10 .
    May allah grant him to his paradise .

  182. rone

    My father is a unsuccessful man. Since when I was never born he lived a life like a real prince but when me an my brother was born he left his established business in different countries and just spent his full time for our good training even when he started his life for us that time he was only 30 years old at the time of his peak and now he was 60 years old. If I give him a palace in place of haven after that I never pay him a regards of one moment that he spent for me
    I love my dad no any measure to shown it

  183. Mahesh Tiwari

    My dad is my life I don’t live without him he is always care my life and I love my dad very much I am spending better time with my dad I love you so much dad…..

  184. Neama

    My best memory with my dad .He was a very wise&kind &I learned a lot from him,He always liked to teach me many good things

  185. Amar

    I was in the 8th grade when my father came to know that I was reading his novels when he was away at work. I was teriffied about what my dad would do to me when I had to explain why I secretly took novels from his collection and read them. Finally when the noment of truth arrived, I was shivering like a leaf and prepared for the worst. My dad told me that I am speaking to you because I feel that you are too young to read and understand such literature. However, since you been reading those novels regularly with great interest, please tell me what was it that you foun intetesting in those novels. I explained that I was reading those novels because I WAS FASCINATED with the quality of english language used in those novels and reading those novels helped me think better in English.
    My dad had a huge smile on his face and told me that you have grown up today and now I am relieved about the future of our family. One week after this my dad expired due to a heart attack and I quit school and became the head of my family

  186. Mohammad Rubel

    All memories were Best And I remember every moments of my Dad!!! Not​ a single Best memory because I Feel And recognize that every moments is best of my Dad… I Miss you Dad!!!… It is a bad luck for me that I never say to you I love you Dad, You are My Best and favorite hero forever!😘😘😘😘😘😘

  187. David

    When I was young, I had MAJOR issues with my dad’s authority. It was my mission to defy him and do everything I could do to hurt him in any way I could. When I grew up, I finally understood his teachings/advice/warnings/etc. Now, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. I only hope one day I will be even half the dad to my son as he was to me!!!

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