Some people get 30 credits with a few taps every day while you are watching Ads for long time?

First, you can find the task of [One-Tap for 30 Free Credits] in [Earn Free Credits]


After you entered this page, set up your Instagram account. You can choose to sign up a new account or login your own account. I recommend to sign up for a new account.


After you log in, you can see these tasks and tap [Set Up] to do them.


It might take few seconds to complete the tasks.


Every time you finished your task, it will announce how many credits you’ve earned.


And you can do More tasks to earn More credits😜.


When you wanna back this page, it will tell you how much you’ve all earned in these tasks, and you can check the credits in [Dingtone Team]

It might take some time for the updating information in [Dingtone Team]

And you don’t need to worry about not receiving the rewards. Just wait for a few minutes in  [Dingtone Team].

Or you can check your balance directly😃.


You can earn 30 credits every day if you can spare a few minutes to do these tasks.

So let’s do it💪💪💪💪💪


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