7 Reasons Why You Need a Second Phone Number

There are always some occasions where you wanna second phone number. Some people may choose to get a  second cell phone, but that means you have to juggle between 2 phones. Two phones to carry, two phones to charge and two phones to answer! Kind of torture. Why not get a second phone number in just one phone? Less trouble, less money costed!

second phone number

Here are 7 reasons that you may need a second phone number. Check them out!

1. Business line

Keep your business and personal life apart with a second phone number. Add a second phone number in Dingtone and use it as your dedicated business number. Get prompt business communication with your business partners while keeping away from daily chores.

2. Blind dating

Second phone number is also perfect for blind dating, online or offline. You can simply block all the calls and texts from that dating companion if the blind dating doesn’t go as expected. The 2nd number can help you get rid of endless harassment via spam block, or you can simply delete the number. 

3. Shopping online

Have you ever been spammed by endless promotions and ads that you have no idea how they get your personal contact info? You may try to block manually, but there are always new ones coming. Most people have a second email address that they use specifically for junk mail and online shopping. Why not considering getting a second phone number? Protect your personal number from numerous advertisements and promotions by giving out your dedicated 2nd shopping line.

4. Signing up

People may also use their own number to register apps and websites. For me, I have signed up hundreds of apps and websites till now and I receive promotional texts every day and phone calls sometimes. Because of these junk messages, I even missed out an important job interview text. So get a dedicated 2nd number to sign up for whatever you need and reserve your own personal number for important things, like a job interview.

5. Burner phone number 

High-cost international rates for calling and texting should be taken into consideration if you are planning on temporary business trips or short-term travel. Get a second Digntone phone number to call and text anywhere with lower rates wherever you go. When you are done with the number, you can just delete it. Super easy and convenient!

6. Pranks

This is not one of the most popular needs for a second phone number, but some naughty guys may wanna a 2nd number to prank on friends. The outcoming calls can be customized to display your second number instead of your personal number, so you can be sure your prank won’t be instantly discovered until you’re ready to reveal it.

7. Privacy

In Dingtone, you can add 2, 3, 4 or even more numbers in just one device. When call and text, you are allowed to choose a number to make the call or send text messages, and no one knows who you really are if you refuse to tell the truth. So your privacy is well protected. Besides, Dingtone numbers are VoIP numbers, which means that they cannot be tracked like regular phone numbers. 

Final Words

There are more reasons we can list for getting a second phone number, but we are certain that the above 6 are surely enough if you don’t want to juggle between 2 phones. With a Dingtone phone number, you can live your life easier with less spamming calls and texts and keep your privacy well-protected. 


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