COVID-19: Self-isolate at Home, But Love and Concern Can’t be

Whether accept it or not, it’s the best solution to minimize the possibility to get infected by COVID-19 during the special time. As you self-isolate at home, your love and concern to your loved ones should never be isolated. Dingtone allows you to express love and concern to your family no matter where you are.

COVID-19: Self-isolate at Home, But Love and Concern Can’t be

Love and Concern Wait for No Man. Call Them Now!

Where are you? What are you doing now? No matter what your reply will be, it’s our sincere hope that everything is going well with you.

Recently, I got touched by @Bob E. Hayes who requested cat pictures on twitter since his 96-year-old mom tested positive for COVID-19 and her nursing home is under quarantine. Because his mom loves cats, he’d like to print lovely cat pictures to paste them on her window.

To implement self-isolation at home aims to minimize your possible contact with virus. However, our love and concern to loved ones can’t be minimized. Not usually, especially not right now. On the contrary, it’s the right time to call and tell them how much you love them and how much you miss them.

If one of your loved ones unfortunately got the similar situation with Bob’s mom, you also should call letting them encouraged and relaxed.

You Can Call Internationally from Anywhere with Dingtone

Dingtone allows you to call to your loved ones no matter where they are around the world. With a US phone number given by Dingtone, your calling can be got from anywhere in the world. Before you dial, you need to choose any country code or region to call from the country or region code list.

Dingtone Country Code List


No Need to Pay, It’s Truly Free

Using VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) technology, Dingtone can provide much cheaper calling services than traditional phone calls. To better the services, users are allowed to call everyone free of charge. They can earn credits by daily check-in, video watching, playing games, etc. The credits are used to spend on calling and texting. Your earned credits will be forever available in your Dingtone “wallet” unless they are used up.

No need to roll up sleeves for a fight to earn Dingtone credits. You can win them anywhere and anytime, waiting for a bus or metro, lining up, staying in a bathroom, or even just killing some time. The fragmented time can be used to earn your calling time.

When you have accumulated enough credits, you can use them to buy a fixed phone number with validity as long as a year. The number genuinely belongs to you. You can not only use it to call others, you can be called through this number as well. It is perfect for the situation when you need a number especially for your business.

Humans can’t live without love or caring that is especially important in this special time. If you are going through quarantine, just call your loved ones telling them how much you love them and how much you want to stay with them.


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