How to Sign Up WhatsApp Using Dingtone Number

Since WhatsApp Messenger has been frequently used for instant communication, it has been used more to expand business than just being a communication tool. However, WhatsApp signing up calls for a phone number that has been basically used to register WhatsApp for your own personal life. To get a new account for WhatsApp Messenger, you need another phone number. Luckily, you can get a free second, or even third, the fourth number from Dingtone to register WhatsApp. This article will tell you how.

how to sign up whatsapp without phone number or sim card

WhatsApp Sign Up Calls for a Second Phone Number, Not a Second Phone or SIM Card

Yes, it can never be admitted that a new account registration for WhatsApp calls for a second phone number, which is clarified in the welcoming page of WhatsApp as soon as it’s been downloaded and installed on your device. However, you should keep in mind that what you need is just a second phone number, not a second phone. Therefore, you just need a phone number that can be used to register WhatsApp.

I’ve Already Had a WhatsApp Account, and Why Should I Need Another One? Tell You the Truth, You Really Should.

You’ve already had a WhatsApp account that is registered by your own personal telephone number, or your unique phone number. Now, all your WhatsApp contacts are your true friends who add you through your telephone number. However, when you start to use WhatsApp as a tool to expand your business or grow your potential customers, are you willing to sacrifice your privacy to strangers? I believe not. So, using another phone number to register a business-specific WhatsApp account is helpful to your privacy protection.

On the other hand, when you use another WhatsApp account for your business, your reliability in the mind of potential customers will be increased because you can edit your WhatsApp profile to totally focus on your career. For example, you can edit your WhatsApp name to be the name of your business such as “Sandra’s Cakes” so that it’s easier for customers to fast recognize you.

How to Get a Second Phone Number Valid for WhatsApp Signing up from Dingtone for Free?

Dingtone is a free calling app that allows its users to make international phone calls. The phone numbers provided by Dingtone are all real phone numbers, which are different other calling apps that may provide random strings to play as numbers, basically US phone numbers and specifically any number from Canada, UK, or most European countries. Then, how to get a second phone number from Dingtone for free will be introduced below.

Step#1. Download and Install Dingtone on your device, phone, or tablets on iOS or Android operating system.

Step#2. Open Dingtone and make a phone call and then you’ll have a random US number.

Step#3. Check your phone number by tapping “Connect” and then “My Phone Number”.

Remember this number and you can sign up WhatsApp with it.

For a specific phone number for a certain country, tap “Connect” – “My Phone Number” – “Add a New Phone Number”. First choose a country. Then, choose an area code. Finally, choose a number. You should pay for it with money or Dingtone credits if you want to keep it for one year.

How to Register WhatsApp Using Your Dingtone Number

Step#1. Download and Install WhatsApp on your device.

Step#2. Tap “Agree & Continue” to continue.

whatsapp sign up 1

Step#3. Fill in your phone number and submit your verification code.

Fill in your phone number and you’ll receive a verification code from Dingtone app. Fill the code in WhatsApp to continue its signing up.

whatsapp sign up 2

Step#4. Optimize your WhatsApp bio and end your registration.

whatsapp sign up 3

Download Dingtone to Get a Phone Number for WhatsApp Sign Up


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