How to Earn Dingtone Credits in a Fun and Quick Style? Why Not Plant a Fruit?

Dear Dingtone lovers, now you’re invited to play an online game on Dingtone app to earn credits by planting a fruit in Dingtone Farm. Here’s a fun and quick way to earn credits for free calling. Here’s the guide below.

plant fruit to earn dingtone credits

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Earn Free Credits by Planting a Fruit on Dingtone

Step#1. Download and Install Dingtone.

Dingtone is a calling app that can be used on phones or tablets with either Android or iOS operating system. You can download Dingtone from the following links:

For iOS:

For Android:

Step#2. Open Dingtone and Access “Plant Fruits for Credits”.

You can access “Plant Fruits for Credits” game by tapping “Messages” at the bottom. Then, click “Plant Fruits for Credits” to enter the game.

plant fruit to earn dingtone credits 5

Step#3. Choose a Fruit.

You should choose a fruit to grow, either an apple or a mango. And you can grow it.

plant fruit to earn dingtone credits 4

Step#4. Earn Nutrient Solution to Feed Your Fruit.

Tap the “Earn Nutrient Solution” button at the center below to earn a nutrient solution to feed your fruit.

plant fruit to earn dingtone credits 2

You can earn nutrient solution by completing Daily Tasks, including Daily Check-in, Feed the Cat, Watch Video and Ask friends to help.

plant fruit to earn dingtone credits 3

Step#5. Feed Your Fruit and Make It Grow.

As you earn enough nutrient solution, it can be used to feed your fruit to let it grow.

plant fruit to earn dingtone credits 1

When the growth bar reaches 100%, you can receive free credits. That’s not the end, why not start a new fruit and gain more free credits?

What are Dingtone Free Credits and How Are They Useful?

What Are Dingtone Free Credits?

Since Dingtone is an app for free calling and texting, credits are used as money to pay for your callings and texts. Therefore, it’s credits that make Dingtone a really free calling app. All credits are stored in your Dingtone account and they can used to make phone calls to any number, at anytime and anywhere. That’s so easy!

How Are Dingtone Credits Useful?

  • To call to any number, landline or mobile, local or international
  • To text to anyone with photos, video, location, doodle, contact and emojis
  • To buy a phone number

You Have Multiple Methods to Earn Dingtone Credits

Dingtone credits can be earned at anywhere and anytime and in multiple methods apart from playing Dingtone games such as Feeding a Cat. You can earn Dingtone credits using the following methods:

  • Daily Check-in
  • I’m Feeling Lucky (a random amount of credits)
  • Play Games to Win 100 Credits
  • Inviting Friends to Use Dingtone
  • Completing Profile
  • Offers and Surveys (usually 1.5X or 2X credits)

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