Win Dingtone Credits by Expressing Love to Your Mom

Mother’s Day usually falls on the second Sunday of May. Therefore, Mother’s Day in 2020 will be met on May 10, the weekend of this week. Do you have any gift ideas for your mother on Mother’s Day?

Without a doubt, Mother’s Day in 2020 will be definitely a special day because of the effects of COVID-19. Social distancing is strongly suggested, and quarantine is called for on serious occasions. When I watched a video of a mother reuniting with her newborn after recovering from COVID-19, I was deeply moved to tears.

No matter where you come from, no matter what you’re being faced up with, best wishes should be sincerely sent to your mother on Mother’s Day.


Express Deep Love to Your Mom and Earn Dingtone Credits

How to earn Dingtone credits by expressing love to your mom, and here’s the guide:

Step#1: Login your Facebook and publish a post.

The post should contain your most sincere words you want to say to your mom and with a tag #DingtoneMothersDay.

Step#2: Win likes from your friends on Facebook.

To earn free-calling credits on Dingtone Mother’s Day, you should win likes from your followers on Facebook. The more likes you get, the more possible you’ll get Dingtone credits.

  • Top 10 with MOST likes each gets 50 Dingtone credits
  • 25 posts with most sincere words each get 20 credits

Moreover, 50 posts will be randomly selected with 10 credits earned each. The winner list will be announced on May 11th.

By the way, all credits earned during Mother’s Day in 2020 will be 1.5X in value. The methods to earn Dingtone credits are introduced below.

Why not express love to your mom right now?

Let’s Celebrate Mother’s Day in a Dingtone Style in 2020!

If you suffer from a local lockdown stopping you from uniting with your mother on Mother’s Day, don’t be too upset since Dingtone is available to help you.

You can make international calls for free to your mom and tell her how much you love her and you would like to hug her. No matter landline or cell phone your mom’s using, Dingtone can get her always. No Mother’s Day gift can be more valuable than your voice to your mom.

Not decided the best gift for your mom? Download Dingtone on her mobile phone and just teach her how to make phone calls for free. Mothers are usually good at keeping a perfect balance between earning and cost for the family. I can even remember my mother’s huge surprise when she succeeded in dialing me using her iPad. That’s mom, you know.

Besides Mother’s Day Post, You Have Multiple Options to Earn Dingtone Credits for Free Calling & Texting

As a global VoIP service provider trusted by millions of users, creating an easier and smoother user experience for different scenarios is what Dingtone has been doing continuously. Through strategic collaboration, Dingtone is aiming to provide a richer and better experience for its global users.

Dingtone allows users to enjoy the following services for free:

  • International Calling
  • Texting
  • Conference Call
  • Walkie Talkie

Moreover, Dingtone provides multiple ways for users to earn credits, and users are allowed to earn credits in the following methods:

  • Daily Check-in
  • Lucky Packet
  • Play Games
  • Watch Videos
  • Invite Friends
  • Numerous Activities Leading to More Credits like Cat Adopting, Annual Event

A reminder again: all credits earned during Mother’s Day in 2020 will be 1.5X in value.

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