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good apps but keeps blocking my calls everytime

Nauman Chaudhry

I invite some friends through my referral link but no credit received. :/

md masud

dingtoon generetor ussing plss hlp me


I buy 200 credit and I was not credited why… And I like the app

Umme Nasrin

It is so useful app

advogado lisboa

I really thankful to find this web site on bing, just what I was searching for : D likewise bookmarked .

yaqub khan

how get earn credits tell me

Legal Document

This is very true indeed! Excellent story!


I invited two of my friends through what’s app. and they activate dingtone through my link and then I didn’t get any credit ?


good app but not giving more credit and no videos and no credit after installation and registration app i have a long list of missing credit


Does Vimeo sponsor dingtone? Does dingtone use Vimeo to let people get credits?


I m not getting credit for installing apps my user id is 15592346


Plzz help I invite my friend he joined dingtune but I can’t recive 20 reward plzz check please my dingtune id is15728068


Great app, and used to reward free credits after Daily Check credits has given by sponsored vedios to be watched and then 5 extra credits will be rewarded (3x times max), or Kiip rewards sponsorship, but it does not appear anymore since 6 days.
It only gives the Daily Check pluse I am feeling lucky, once for each. Not more

Dee Tree

I keep doing offers and completing them but not getting credits.


I invited my friend and I didn’t receive any 20credit till today. I even don’t get reward for downloading app hence I have a bunch of list of missing credit. The app is awesome generally but you need work on technical issues. This is my I’d 15894161. Please review my account for my invitation so I can get my 20 credit


dont get redeem reward anymore before i used to get it

Md suleman

I don’t get reedme rewards


like dis app.
bt pls update dis app that even works in poor wifi network connection

falokun emmanuel

hi dingtone admins.. i downloaded the bible app but the credit wasnt given 2 me ID- 16052114

Boliya Desurbhai Gigabhai
Boliya Desurbhai Gigabhai

Very good app thank u


great app but the promotion links are leading me to a dead end. only the downloading promotions are working


Hie dingtone.i just referred two of my friends and they are now using the app and also I have downloaded 2apps to get free credits but I didn’t see the credits in my account .my ID 18585243..


يرجئ التواصل واتس اب علئ هذا الرقم


I invited my friend and he installed it butt i have got no credit what is this ?????


i’ve downloaded “game of war fire age” for “143 credits” but i never receive them pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse help


How many days should i check in to start recieving 10 credits per day?


I invited my friend and he installed it and i even personally helped him set it up, yet i don’t get credited, instead i get a message that my friend is now on dingtone, that would mean the system actually recognizes the registration, but they refuse to credit me for it and this is not the first or second instance it is happening. my ID 11934536. my friends ID 19918597


I love the app, and I have invited over 14 people and about 6 have downloaded and joined with my referral link and I received no reward at all, I know how many credits that would have been in total. also I have lined up missing credits and I have sent several emails but to no avail. am tired of the stress. this is my user ID 15289221


I invited my friend, he open the link, install the app and create a new account. I get nothing! !
Any help please?


i have a long long list of missing credits. i invited few friends, they installed the app but did not get credits. i open the app and try to get credits many times a day. but today for the first time i am getting .50 credit for each video. i thought minimum video-watching-credit is 1. my dingtone id is 18029834. by the way dingtone is a very useful and helpful app.

Mohammed Rezaul Karim
Mohammed Rezaul Karim

one person received my invitation..and also sign in.. but why i not receive 20 credits? not yet come 20 credits.

Mohammed Rezaul Karim
Mohammed Rezaul Karim

which person receive my invitation and sign in…his Dingtone ID : 21560371

Attitiude Prince

Could you please tell me that how to upgrade 2stars
And why the adds appear re currently, any advantages of those ?


Connection error when trying to earn more free credits.

Ankur gi

i refer to my friend and he is install the dingtone and i have not receive 20 credit so what i am do

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Irfan Ahmad

your app is best but the way to earn credits is too bad.. i just rewarded for only 1 offer out of 100 that i completed. i complete offers and download apps and open it but can’t get credits even after report missing credits. i suggest to use Tapjoy offers with a proper way to report missing credits.


I have a dingtone number. I have the free phone number. I can get text from from anyone. Not evan some who is a dingtone members. It said the first free number had conditons apply. What conditions?


Why can’t I earn dingtone credits online by laptop or computer. Also, why can’t they have dingtone app for mac or pc.


hello, can I make free phone calls in the usa whit out any credits.

saurav shrestha

How to upgrade to to stars? I check every day but I dont undrrstand what is complete 7ad credits.


how can i get my invitation code?


Loved it. It’s really an awesome app.

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Germany number please


i have download so many app by dingtone and invite so many friends but still haven’t receive any credits my ID is 27982599

The Mauler

my id no is 28149208 and invited my friends didn’t get credits via WhatsApp so please give me my credits I like this app and its voice quality

Aaru tiwari

Great app unexpected pushers supavvvvv.

Md.wahidul alam

Plzz help I invite my friend he joined dingtune but I can’t recive 20 reward plzz check please my dingtune id is 23496402 my friend id is 29714077


I’ve been using dingtone since earlier 2015. Getting a free hundred credit back then it was like smooth sailing, easy as pie. Even earned credits by d/l apps was promising. Now after numerous updates on dingtone, getting for free credits is most likely imposible (except daily check-in)