April Fools’ Day Pranks to Avoid in 2021

It’s common and traditional to play pranks on people you know on April Fools’ day. You must have fooled or been fooled on that day every year.

Fake insects made of paper are stuck to the inside of a lamp so that they look like real ones. Place a farting toy under a cushion and whenever it gets sat by anyone, farting noise will be made just like the sitter is farting.

Although all the pranks are stupid, they are truly interesting and don’t cause any harm to anyone. There are so many prank lists on the Internet you can refer to when April Fools’ day is around the corner.

However, there are still some pranks you should avoid no matter how funny you think they are, especially this year.

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Tell others you’re pregnant.

Telling others your pregnancy has been a common prank in April Fools’ day. A lot of men were notified that they would be fathers on that day. However, this prank will hurt those who really concern about you or it will even end your relationship. It’s not cool to tell a lie about pregnancy. It’ll possibly hurt those who expect to be pregnant but can’t be.

Tell others you’re engaged.

It’s not the first time to see some people sharing their fake engagement on April Fools’ day. It’s not funny at all. After all, your engagement news only attracts those who really care about you. The fake news may hurt none but those who are really going to engage.

Tell others the world is approaching the end.

It seems the news that the world will be destroyed has faded since 2012 because Mayans believe the year 2012 indicates the end of the world. However, when we go through the year 2012 safe and sound, few people will believe that. Nevertheless, it’s not OK to play such a prank on April Fools’ day, which is especially true during the current COVID-19 pandemic. People have been so difficult and don’t let such jokes make their life worse.

Tell others you’re suffering from COVID-19 or dying.

Never prank others by saying you are suffering from COVID-19 or dying. If you jokingly say you’ve suffered from COVID-19, you’re making the people beside you anxious because they’re staying with you at the moment of your dialogue. They will try to recall how much time they spent with you and how risky they’ll suffer from COVID-19. So, don’t play such a prank on anyone.

Tell your partner you’re cheating.

It makes no sense to play such a prank on your partner. Based on some scenes in TV series and movies, the truth is usually the opposite. The other partner admits his or her cheating. That would be the end of the world!

Play a prank that will have a bad effect on his or her occupation.

It’s interesting to play a simple prank in your office but you should make sure it’s harmless and won’t affect his or her job things. Don’t disturb anyone from normal work such as stopping him or her from using email. It’s quite impolite to do such things.

Tell others you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You are allowed to play a prank by telling others you just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you want to feel top embarrassment. Most of the time, your friends will try to comfort you by saying a few bad words about your partner, which won’t be what you expect.

Let others eat something dangerous.

It’ll be interesting to lead people to eat something that looks like something yummy. However, set assured the food is eatable and won’t cause any harm to others.

Make a call to 911 about fire or crime.

Are you going to fool people with a call this year? It would be interesting to tell little lies to people on April Fools’ day. However, never make a call to 911 about fire or any crime. That isn’t legitimate to do such things. If you do, you should shoulder some legal responsibilities.


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