How to Sign Up WhatsApp Using Dingtone Number

how to sign up whatsapp without phone number or sim card

Since WhatsApp Messenger has been frequently used for instant communication, it has been used more to expand business than just being a communication tool. However, WhatsApp signing up calls for a phone number that has been basically used to register WhatsApp for your own personal life. To get a new account for WhatsApp Messenger, you … [Read more…]

Why Chinese Like Celebrating Valentine’s Day So Much?

china valentines day

Do you know what day is May 20 for Chinese? Valentine’s Day. Difficult to understand, right? Well, Chinese call May 20 a valentine’s day because the pronunciation of “520” sounds like “I love you” in Chinese. Therefore, up to now, increasingly more people, especially young people like to celebrate May 20 as a valentine’s day … [Read more…]