How to pick good phone numbers on Dingtone and port out to your carrier?

Cannot get desired phone numbers from your local carrier? Looking for a personalized phone number? Dingtone can help! We have area codes that even the carrier does not have. Even better, you can easily port out Dingtone phone number to your local phone carrier including AT&T, Verizon, T&Mobile and Sprint. That’s something big! Ife Miller from … [Read more…]


He earned 5193 Dingtone credits in just one week

Starting from today, we will be releasing feature story of our users. And let’s meet our first interviewee, Muhammad Tahir, the man who earned 5193 credits in the past Dingtone Credit Olympics and was awarded 500 Dingtone credits. Muhammad is from Saudi Arabia. He is a chartered accountant and works in a finance consultancy forum … [Read more…]