Md Shamim Hossain: His Videos About Dingtone Attracted 10000+ Views

  Following Facebook and Instagram, Dingtone is another social app that enjoys great popularity in Bangladesh. Sure, much of the popularity of Dingtone attributes to its free calling and texting service. But people are demanding more. Md Shamim Hossaim began his Dingtone journey two years ago when hunting for a free US phone number and … [Read more…]


He earned 5193 Dingtone credits in just one week

Starting from today, we will be releasing feature story of our users. And let’s meet our first interviewee, Muhammad Tahir, the man who earned 5193 credits in the past Dingtone Credit Olympics and was awarded 500 Dingtone credits. Muhammad is from Saudi Arabia. He is a chartered accountant and works in a finance consultancy forum … [Read more…]