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Besides Black Business Accelerator, Can’t-Miss Tips for Black-Owned Businesses to Boost Amazon Sales

It’s meaningless and unnecessary to evaluate the political initiative of Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator program but it’s been a fact that black business entrepreneurs have been going through difficulties on e-commerce, which is especially obvious after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Skin colors don’t label products. That is to say, consumers hardly care about the color of business providers and there’s none but ONE reason for them to buy a product on Amazon, that is, they search the product and accept it based on their product description and price. Just think back to your last shopping procedure on Amazon.

Follow Amazon’s Support for Black Community

Recently, a series of measures boosting black-owned entrepreneurs have been taken by Amazon like Black Business Accelerator. It’s been widely published that Amazon commits $150 million to empower Black entrepreneurs, encouraging so many black-owned business owners on Amazon to regain their confidence in e-commerce. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic has been letting them stay in gloomy days for at least one year. Black Business Accelerator provides financial assistance to help jump-start black-owned business growth and customer acquisition, business education, coaching, and mentorship to continue to accelerate black business growth and marketing and promotional support helping black-owned products easily stand out among products when customers search them on Amazon.

Stay Active and Support Justice

As is frequently said, justice may be delayed, but not denied. As justice is publicized to customers, so is your shop information. For example, Dionna Dorsey, a small-business owner on Amazon, has witnessed a huge order increase of 680% from 2019 to 2020 on Amazon just because of the justice design elements on her products such as the “Good Trouble Maker” in honor of the late civil-rights leader John Lewis. Some consumers just buy a T-shirt with “Good Trouble Maker” printed just to show their justice towards the black community. That’s none of their favors and products’ prices. An attitude just matters!

A Golden Rule for All Amazoners, Low Cost and High ROI

If there’s one tip for all businesses, that is to keep costs low and ROI high. No one can challenge it since that’s exactly how a business runs. For all business owners, no matter what marketing strategy is being conformed to and what platforms their products are sold on, the essential rule they’ve been sticking to is to minimize the budget and maximize the orders. How exactly, then? Simply put, all business owners should SAVE as much money as possible like depending more on SEO and fewer Amazon PPC ads, cutting the cost on transportation, telecommunications, taxes, and storage fees. That’s also an obvious reason why Dingtone numbers have been widely used by millions of users around the world to talk and text potential customers.

Continuously Keep Talking to Customers

Except for letting increasingly more people know about the business you’re involved in, another key element boosting business is to maintain a high rate of retention or loyalty of current customers. To achieve that goal, a friendly relationship should be built between business owners and customers so as to double or triple or multiple the opportunity to arouse customers to reorder. Using a local phone number with an area code that is the same as that used by customers helps business owners to strengthen their brand awareness and increase the chance of being answered. In addition, using a business phone number is beneficial to market businesses to customers by providing promotional activities or coupons.

Not a Month, All Months

Black-owned business campaigns keep running all the time. Apart from during Black History Month, they should be covered in all months of the year. No matter what month it is, the black-owned business should be respected and accelerated with smart marketing campaigns. It’s none of the business.

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