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Not Only Luck‎: Mithun Kaji Won 1000 Credits in Dingtone Lottery

Have you ever dreamed of winning 1000 Dingtone credits? This just came true for Mithun Kaji!

Mithun won 1000 credits in the Dingtone Daily Lottery. What is more enviable,  he had also won 500 credits the day before.

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How to earn so many credits

Any secrets? Mithun advised, “It’s so simple. Boost your luck by downloading apps on the lucky app wall. Maybe next time you are the winner.”

Not just luck, Mithun also possesses the secret of success with earning credits on Dingtone. “In a day 24 hrs, maybe I spent 4-5 hours using Dingtone. I used all types of offers. Like download apps, watch videos, every survey I’ll participate.” He prefers surveys with larger rewards.

Connect with loved ones across borders

Mithun is from India and now works in Saudi Arabia. How to stay in touch with family and friends back home? This is a common problem for international workers like Mithun. Luckily, he finally got Dingtone several months ago.

“I wasted a lot of money on pricy international phone bills before. When I saw Dingtone, I downloaded it and started the call. I’m shocked it’s really awesome and also saves money, so I earned free credits and made the free call.”

Thanks to Mithun for sharing your story with us.  We are so glad that with Dingtone, you finally found a way to connect with your family back home without paying unexpectedly large phone bills.

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