how to get second phone number to boost your business

How to Get a Free Second Phone Number and How It Boosts Your Business in 2023

You have had multiple occasions when you need a second phone number in 2022. Essentially, a second phone number can help you boost your business and isolate your life with work in 2023. Dingtone provides you a separate phone number that can be used on your cell phone, without any need for another calling device.

how to get second phone number to boost your business

How to Add a Second Phone Number to Your Cell Phone in 2023

Step#1: Download and Install a Calling App on Your Phone

To add a second phone number to your cell phone without using another device, you should depend on a calling app providing you a second phone number and supports internet calling based on VoIP technology that makes calling much cheaper than traditional dialing.

To cater to your business need, the calling app should provide a corresponding calling range, local or international. It should not only allow you to make local or international calls, but also give you a phone number that is not tied to your city alone. For example, when your potential customers or business partners are all located in the US, a US number is beneficial to lead you to be reliable.

Everyone expects their business to rise and expand, and your calling tool shouldn’t be a stumbling block to your success. In the case of calling service, your second phone number provided by your chosen calling app should be capable of reaching your target destinations, that is, international calling is required.

Step#2: Select a Country and City/Area

As is known, a phone number consists of Country Code, City/Area Code, and Number. As you’ve decided to choose a phone number specifically for your business, you should first determine the country code and city or area code of it. The country code and city or area code of your business phone number determine what will be shown on the screen of your business partner’s cell phone. Both codes tell what your business is like so you should pick a number that looks reliable. Another situation when your target customers are in a country that isn’t yours and a phone number belonging to their location adds more trust and business opportunities.

Step#3: Select an Easy-to-Remember Number

An easy-to-remember number, also called a vanity number, helps you to be easily contacted by your potential customers or business partners just because it’s easy to keep in mind, such as 1111, 241-0-241, etc., or numbers containing words to describe your business scope, like 1-800-Taxicab. The calling app should be capable of providing such numbers as well.

How to Boost Your Business Using a Second Phone Number in 2021?

  • Cut Business Costs on Phone Bills

The calling app allows you to cut phone bills because VoIP technology is used to save money on calling. After all, WiFi can be unlimitedly used as soon as it is connected. That is especially true when international calls are made when your business goes global.

  • Use a Second Phone Number to Expand Your Business Scope

The second phone number can be used to make international calls and texts. No matter where your target customers are located, you’re allowed to reach them with unlimited calls and texts from Dingtone. Distance won’t be an issue between you and your customers anymore.

Your second phone number can be used to register accounts on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat or websites such as Google, Amazon, and Paypal. Your vigorous activities on the above Apps and websites are beneficial for you to maintain active cooperation with your potential customers that will change into real ones as opportunities occur.

Up to now, the US phone number provided by Dingtone can be used to register WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Google, Amazon, and Paypal based on practical tests. In terms of numbers specific to other countries, it depends. Before a new account signing up, you are suggested to contact the customer service staff of Dingtone for the certainty of registration.

  • Focus More on Your Business by Using Second Phone Number

Nobody likes the idea of mixing personal life and work each of which should be isolated from the other. Everyone wants or needs a separate phone number, especially for work. However, the stress from the mobile calling service bill calls an end to the thought. However, the free second phone number compensates for the pity. Moreover, you can focus more on your business and there’s no need to worry about insecurity issues due to the disturbance of personal numbers while you’re working.

  • Keep Your Business Rising Due to Second Phone Number

To develop a potential customer into a real one lies in the constant uprising of trust established between you and your target customers. Some tips are needed as well. For example, as you choose a number, especially for your work, a phone number that is easy to remember should be picked up so that potential customers bear no effort to keep it in mind.

Why Dingtone Is the Best App to Obtain a Second Phone Number and How to Get It in 2021

Dingtone Gives You A Valid US Number Instead of a Traditional Virtual One.

As you start your first call from Dingtone, a random US phone number is distributed to you. Random but valid. You can keep it for a limited time but for unlimited calls and texts. As you call others using that number, it’s clearly shown on the screen of your counterpart’s device, which is different from other apps only indicating a string of numbers that occurs in different appearances each time.

Everyone is upset by such a calling. When a confusing number string occurs on your screen, will you receive it without any doubt? As for me, whenever such a number is met, I usually directly refuse the call because my family or friends won’t call me using such a number and it must be from a sale.

Moreover, you can be called by others through the number given by Dingtone, too. Allowing you to call and be called, it really belongs to you as a separate phone number apart from your cell phone number provided by mobile service.

Then, apart from the US number, can numbers belonging to other countries be obtained on Dingtone? Absolutely yes.

Apart from US Numbers, You Can Get Other Country’s Numbers from Dingtone.

Need a number from other countries? Use Dingtone to get one.

Up to now, the phone number given by Dingtone can cover up to 15 countries, including the US, Canada, and the main countries in Europe. Need a Belgium number for your business? Choose the country first and then opt for a specific number. Quite convenient and optional.

Now that Dingtone can be used to get a second phone number that can be used to call and be called. Does it affect my cell phone calling system? Definitely no.

Dingtone is a User-Friendly App Installed on Your Cellphone, with No Conflicts with Your Calling System.

Dingtone is an App for smartphones and can be easily Downloaded and Installed on both Android and iOS devices. Based on VoIP technology leading to cheaper calling and texting, Dingtone is used by users depending on WiFi or cellular data to make a call or text, which is different from traditional calling system that relies on traditional analog simulative PBX system supported by practical landlines.

Dingtone Allows Users to Make International Calls and Texts Totally Free of Charge.

Dingtone is a unique calling app that allows users to make calls and send texts totally free of charge. How is it possible?

Dingtone users call and text with Dingtone credits that can be earned by completing simple tasks such as watching videos, playing games, inviting friends to use Dingtone, completing the profile, etc. Even if you’re unwilling to do that, a simple method is also available, that is to buy credits.

Apart from conventional credit-earning methods, numerous activities are usually held when more opportunities to win credits can be embraced. Follow Dingtone Twitter or Facebook to have flashing access to the latest credit-earning activities.

All your earned credits will be stored in your Dingtone “wallet” and they’ll be valid forever in your account unless you use them. Credits can be used to call internationally, to over 200 countries around the world, meeting the widest range of business demands.

Credits are consumed as a call is made or text is sent. However, few or no credits are needed for calls or texts between Dingtone users. Therefore, invite more friends to use Dingtone and more credits will be saved.

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