dingtone women with weapons

Sisters in Arms: Dingtone Launches Campaign Equipping Women with Second Phone Numbers

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Working Moms day, and overall Women’s History Month, Dingtone elevates women and girls on ways to ensure their online privacy and uplift female entrepreneurship.

Through its #WomenWithWeapons campaign, Dingtone wants to raise awareness about privacy protection and equip women with tools and skills for professional and leadership roles.

The focus of the initiative is to create safe cyberspaces against gender-based violence by protecting personal information. And also to equip working moms and female entrepreneurs with dedicated phone numbers for work, helping them improve professional performance while striking a healthy balance between work and personal life.

dingtone women with weapons

Stay safe and anonymous when giving out your number

In an increasingly digital era, women must arm themselves with virtual weapons – second phone numbers. It’s the most efficient tool women can utilize to stay safe and anonymous no matter for online dating or shopping. Dingtone chose to center this campaign around helping all women feel protected and choose any lifestyle they seek while navigating life without worries about their online privacy or security.

Dingtone phone numbers could serve as both defensive and offensive measures. On the defensive, women could protect their online identity and privacy when giving out their numbers on online platforms, such as Craigslist and other second-hand transaction markets in the local areas, and offline scenarios when they do not want to expose their personal phone numbers.

Equip yourselves with a dedicated line for professional and leadership roles

On the offensive side, the Dingtone phone number app could provide a game-changing tool for female entrepreneurs and working moms looking to break glass ceilings.

For one, a second phone number dedicated to women’s businesses or side-hustles lowers costs as they don’t have to incur extra phone-rated expenses. Additionally, a dedicated phone number keeps them alert when business-related calls are inbound, making their burgeoning business look even more professional. Dingtone numbers also draw a line between work and family with separate phone numbers, especially for working moms.

“I’ve been using Dingtone to connect with my clients on Etsy for more than six years. I’m surprised how much of an asset Dingtone’s phone services are while helping me forge a connection with business contacts and reducing expenses,” stated Sylvie Keller, the independent designer and owner of an online handmade bracelet store.

Dingtone strives to provide reliable and affordable service for every budget. All users need is the app downloaded onto a mobile device to use the service and easily communicate with others. Besides the lure of free calling, Dingtone numbers also serve as a readily accessible channel to exchange SMS with friends, family, and business purposes.

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