Dingtone 3.3.1 for iOS: Mobile Top-up added and smooth experience in iOS 10

On September 21, we released Dingtone version 3.3.1 for iOS. This update includes better experience in iOS 10 and an exciting new feature: mobile top up. Check out what’s new below and update to the latest version today. Better experience in iOS 10 Ever experienced certain issues like app crashing after you update your phone … [Read more…]


He earned 5193 Dingtone credits in just one week

Starting from today, we will be releasing feature story of our users. And let’s meet our first interviewee, Muhammad Tahir, the man who earned 5193 credits in the past Dingtone Credit Olympics and was awarded 500 Dingtone credits. Muhammad is from Saudi Arabia. He is a chartered accountant and works in a finance consultancy forum … [Read more…]

What’s the deal with VoIP Craze?

If you are on the lookout for ways to cut down the cost of your mobile communication, a free VoIP app might be the solution. VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a way to talk over the internet. There are the big boys like Skype and WhatsApp; though, the new names like Dingtone and … [Read more…]

Why do I need Dingtone free call app?

Every day, we receive piles of letters saying how Dingtone alters the way you communicate with friends and family. Those inspiring words are the reasons we keep up good work. We are happy to hear that, apart from free calling and free texting, there are so much more you can do with Dingtone free phone … [Read more…]