Which One is the Most Viable Alternative as Kik Messenger Shuts Down

The instant messaging powerhouse Kik Messenger is all set to shut down, leaving millions of users in shock. The search has already started to identify the best alternative to fill the void left behind by Kik Messenger. September 29, 2019 Millions of instant messenger users around the world have just come to know that their … [Read more…]


7 Reasons Why You Need a Second Phone Number

There are always some occasions where you wanna second phone number. Some people may choose to get a  second cell phone, but that means you have to juggle between 2 phones. Two phones to carry, two phones to charge and two phones to answer! Kind of torture. Why not get a second phone number in just … [Read more…]

Dingtone Releases New Phone Numbers In More Countries


Dingtone Free Calling App Releases New Phone Numbers In 11 Countries, Reaches One Billion Calling Minutes Per Year. Dingtone, a free calling app, has been offering calling and texting services worldwide with phone numbers of these following 7 countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Netherlands, and Belgium. Now the number of countries has increased to 17, … [Read more…]

Don’t mean to express love. Every Day can be Valentine’s Day!


Love is an eternal topic. Being loved and loving someone are both brilliant feelings. Last week, Dingtone held a Valentine’s Day Activity and encouraged people to confess their love bravely. Many people left comments under @Dingtoneapp’s Valentine’s Day posts on Facebook. Let’s have a review of some of them.   How delightful this interaction is! … [Read more…]

【Get FREE Credits】Dingtone Scavenger Hunt

Open the Google link here, and find out  the GainFollowers website. Hey, I’m the website! Enter the GainFollowers website, and find the redeem code. Redeem code is look like this Wow, congratulations! Copy it and go redeem your gifts! Open   More Purchase Credits Redeem launched by Dingtone  and GainFollowers ! Welcome to Dingtone Scavenger Hunt  

Come and Join Dingtone Wealth Partner Program

☞ ☞How Does Dingtone Wealth Partner Program Work? Dingtone Wealth Partner Program is a beneficial project for all the three parts that are involved, that is, Dingtone, the wealth partners and potential users. In the program, Dingtone offers credits, the partners purchase with a preferential price and then sell them to those who are in need of low cost … [Read more…]