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Bypass phone number verification with a temporary virtual phone number

Get virtual phone numbers from over 20 countries and receive SMS & voice verification codes and OTP codes online without concerns about your privacy or any unnecessary trouble. Sign up on social media sites, online marketplaces, cryptocurrency exchanges, and various online services without being bombarded by spam or revealing your personal information.

United State (+1)
United State (+1)
United Kingdom (+44)
United Kingdom (+44)
Canada (+1)
Canada (+1)
France (+33)
France (+33)
Australia (+61)
Australia (+61)
Belgium (+32)
Belgium (+32)
Netherland (+31)
Denmark (+45)
Sweden (+46)
Chile (+56)
Chile (+56)
Brazil (+55)
Brazil (+55)
Romania (+40)
Romania (+40)
Poland (+48)
Austria (+43)
Puerto Rico (+1787)

Benefits of Our SMS Verification Service

Quick Verification

Dingtone delivers SMS messages quickly, allowing users to receive verification codes instantly, making it suitable for time-sensitive verifications.

Private Verification

Dingtone allows you to obtain a second phone number for SMS verification without revealing your own personal phone number. Say goodbye to spam and unwanted calls, securing your privacy effectively.

Most Popular Services

Dingtone and similar services are often compatible with a wide range of popular websites, apps, and online platforms, ensuring you can effortlessly verify your identity on the services you use most.

Global Reach

Dingtone provides virtual phone numbers from various countries, allowing users to receive SMS verification codes from different regions around the world, offering global accessibility.

Long-Term Use

You can keep a Dingtone phone number for more long-term use. Once you acquire a second number, you can use it for an extended period, and it’s not typically disposed of after a short period.


Dingtone is a well-known and established service, offering reliable SMS delivery services, ensuring users receive their verification codes without delays.

Additional Features

Besides SMS verification, Dingtone allows users to make voice and video calls, send multimedia messages, and set up voicemail, providing a comprehensive communication platform.

Privacy and Security

Using Dingtone for SMS verification helps maintain user privacy, as the virtual numbers are not directly linked to users’ personal information, enhancing anonymity.

Support Assistance

Dingtone typically offers customer support, assisting users with any issues or inquiries they may have, enhancing the overall user experience.

How to Use Dingtone for Verification?

Download Dingtone and select a phone number

Register on your target website or app with the phone number

Wait for the SMS or voice verification code to arrive

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