Dingtone Credit Annual Event: Collect 8 Animal Cards to Share 100,000,000 Credits

Dingtone Credit Annual Event

Now there’s a chance for you to share credits by collecting animal cards on Dingtone, up to 100,000,000 credits in all! Animal Cards Collecting Guide Step#1: Download Dingtone App and Open it. Step#2: Click “Messages” button and you can see the entry of “Share 100,000,000 Credits”. Go into it. Step#3: Click “Spin” button at the … [Read more…]

An Easy Tip to Get Free Credits with Tapjoy Offers

How long does it take to collect 100 credits for free calls? For Mithun Kaji, it only takes 5 minutes to get 100+credits. And his secret is doing Tapjoy offers! This post will guide you through every step of getting credits with Tapjoy offer How to find the Tapjoy offer wall? 1. Open Dingtone->More->Get Free Credits Tap “complete … [Read more…]