How to Send an SMS with Dingtone?

Dingtone allows you to send unlimited SMS. Apart from the text messages, you can send emojis, voice and picture or even share your location with your friends or family.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to send an SMS on Dingtone:

Step#1. Download and Install Dingtone.

Step#2. Open Dingtone.

Step#3. Tap the “Edit Pen” on the upper right corner to enter the message editing page to start an SMS.

Step#4. Two types of Dingtone messages are available for you to choose, either Free or SMS. Free messages refer to the unlimited messages you can send and receive between Dingtone users. SMS refers to the messages you send and receive between you and your friends on your phone contact list and they call for Dingtone credits.

Step#5. As you choose either type of SMS messages, you should enter phone number or contact name to determine your contact target.

Step#6. As you enter the message page, you can send text, photos, voice, videos, location, doodle, or contact information of others. Additionally, your SMS can be recalled within 5 minutes after you send it.

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