How to Set up Notification for Incoming Calls in Dingtone on iPhone?

It’s necessary to enable notification when you use Dingtone for calling because notifications will inform you when there is a chance to earn more credits and you’re reminded to check in every day for credits, etc.

Dingtone needs to stay in the background to receive incoming calls and messages. Please do not terminate the Dingtone app after you close it. Some third-party battery-saving/memory-saving apps may terminate Dingtone. Please add Dingtone to their whitelist.

Please also make sure notification is enabled for Dingtone on Android phones. You can enable notification for Dingtone on iPhone by conforming to the following tapping: “Settings” >> “Notifications” and then enable Dingtone.

If you still don’t receive any notification from Dingtone, you can check the Dingtone app as well by tapping: “More” >> “Settings” >> “Notification Settings” to enable all items.

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