Dingtone Launches a Mobile-based Faxing App to Help Cope with Working from Home

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Dingtone has launched a mobile-based online faxing App called Fax that allows users to send a fax from the iPhone, expanding its advanced feature of online fax that was available on Dingtone App providing free calling and texting services. Why Faxing is a Must-Have Online Tool for Some Business Today? Although the general perception of … [Read more…]


Stop being Upset by Facebook’s Bad Performance Due to Weight of Traffic? Use Dingtone Instead


Due to coronavirus pandemic, the total messaging in the countries hit hard has increased up to 50% and voice and video calling have more than doubled. People’s need for real-time communication keeps rocketing. However, as one of the leading social network services and communication tools in the world, Facebook has been struggling under the weight … [Read more…]

7 Reasons Why You Need a Second Phone Number

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There are always some occasions where you wanna second phone number. Some people may choose to get a  second cell phone, but that means you have to juggle between 2 phones. Two phones to carry, two phones to charge and two phones to answer! Kind of torture. Why not get a second phone number in just … [Read more…]