Make money as easy as pie on Dingtone! A step-by-step guide

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Step 1

Go to “Invite friends to get points” page

Tap the Facebook icon to go to the share page on Facebook (Please make sure you have Facebook installed first)

Step 2

Tap Share on the top right of the page to share the invitation link

Step 3

Your friends opens the link

Your friend taps DOWNLOAD APP to go to APP store and downloads Dingtone

Step 4

It’ll only be a valid invitation if your friend install Dingtone and sign up. You’ll get rewards when your friends reach the Silver level!

Note: To check the information of your invited friends, go to “Invite friends to get point” page and tap “Friends I invited”

The more friends you invite,

The more friends your friends invite,

The more income you’ll get!

Not just rewards from inviting friends,

But also rewards for points your friends get!

No longer a dream to have an ENDLESS FLOW OF MONEY

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Share the inviatition link to make money!

Easy and enjoyable!

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