How is a Dingtone Phone Call Different from a Regular Phone Call?

Lower Requirement on Hardware

A regular phone call asks for high requirement on hardware. A landline calls for communication bases, wires and a telephone while a regular mobile phone for a mobile and a SIM card. A Dingtone phone call, however, asks for lower requirement on hardware. You don’t need even another telephone especially for Dingtone because it’s just an App that can be installed on your current phone.

Higher Technology

A Dingtone call depends on VOIP technology that is a wideband voice encoding technology so that it brings forward superior voice clarity in comparison with regular phone calls.

Lower Cost

Dingtone allows users to make unlimited free calls and send unlimited free messages with Dingtone credits that can be obtained by completing tasks within the app. Better, all calls between Dingtone users are totally free. With Dingtone, International calls can be made with so much ease that they can be made at anytime and anywhere, which is much easier than regular phone calls that call for roaming charge or plans.

Higher Flexibility

Dingtone app allows its users to make phone calls to any number, landline or mobile, at anytime and anywhere. As long as there’s WiFi or cellular data, Dingtone users are allowed to call their friends or family no matter where they stay.

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