How to Call France from the US

Necessity of Calling France from the US

For various reasons, people from the United States frequently need to contact individuals or businesses in France. This could include:

Business communications

Companies with international operations often need to communicate with colleagues, clients, or suppliers in France.

Family and friends

A lot of Americans have friends and family in France that they need to stay in touch with.

Travel: To make reservations for lodging, dining establishments, and tour guides, travelers visiting France must have the ability to make phone calls.


In case of emergencies involving loved ones in France, timely communication is crucial.

Who Needs to Call France from the US?

The necessity to call France from the US extends to a diverse group of individuals, including:

  • Business professionals: CEOs, managers, employees involved in international trade, marketing, or customer service.
  • Expats: Americans living and working in France for temporary or permanent periods.
  • Students: Individuals pursuing educational opportunities in France.
  • Travel enthusiasts: Tourists on vacation or business trips to France.
  • Individuals with family and friends: Those with family or friends residing in France.

A Complete Solution to Calling France from the US

Fortunately, there are several reliable and affordable ways to call France from the US:

Traditional Phone Services

Consider international calling plans as phone contracts created with international calling in mind. With a fixed monthly fee, you can talk to anyone in the world for free, as opposed to paying expensive per-minute rates. You may communicate without continuously checking your balance thanks to this more easy and economical international communication option. Further advantages that these plans frequently have include direct dialing, which makes it easier to communicate with family members or business associates who are located abroad.


Traditional landlines or mobile phone plans often offer international calling packages, providing fixed rates and predictable expenses.


Can be expensive, especially for frequent or long calls. International packages may have limitations and hidden charges.

VoIP Services

Just think of using the internet to make phone calls instead of regular phone networks. In summary, that is VoIP! It serves as an alternative to video calls in terms of communication. Calls are now considerably more affordable—sometimes even free—because your speech is transformed into data and transmitted over the internet. Consider it a cost-effective, contemporary method of remaining in touch, particularly for calls made overseas.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services like Skype and Viber offer significantly lower rates than traditional phone companies. They often include features like free video calls and instant messaging.


Call quality can depend on internet connection stability. May require additional software or subscriptions.

Calling Apps

Mobile apps like Dingtone offer low international calling rates and flexible plans. They are convenient, easy to use, and offer additional features like voicemail and call recording.

As one of the top VoIP service providers around the world, Dingtone now has been helping millions of users with their smooth telecommunications. No matter whether landline or mobile, Dingtone can smoothly reach their family, friends, or business partners. It’s easy and cheap to get a valid international number on Dingtone, dramatically reducing communication costs and improving communication efficiency.

Additional Factors to Consider if You Call France from the US

Frequency of calls

If you need to call France frequently, a dedicated international calling plan might be more cost-effective.

Technical expertise

Some solutions require more technical knowledge than others. Choose an option that suits your comfort level.

Additional features

Think about features that, according to your needs, may be useful, such as voicemail, call recording, and video calls.

You may easily and economically stay connected by selecting the best choice for calling France from the US by carefully evaluating your needs and weighing your possibilities.

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