How to Register Vkontakte Without a Phone Number

Are you tired of providing your private phone number every time you sign up for a new online account? Vkontakte, the popular Russian social networking site, is no exception to this trend. However, not everyone feels comfortable sharing their phone number with a website, and for those individuals, we have a solution. In this article, we will show you how to register for Vkontakte without a phone number.

Why Vkontakte requires a phone number when a new account is created?

Vkontakte, like many other social networking sites, requires a phone number during the registration process to verify the user’s identity and prevent fake accounts. In addition, it helps the site to ensure that the user is not a bot or a spammer. By providing a phone number, Vkontakte can send a verification code to the user’s phone to ensure that the person registering is indeed the owner of the phone number.

Why don’t users want to register for Vkontakte without a private number?

There are several reasons why users may be hesitant to provide their private phone number. For example, some users may not want to share their private information with a website they don’t trust. Others may not have access to a phone number or may not want to pay for a new phone line just for the sake of creating a social networking account.

How to make a Vkontakte account without a phone number?

Fortunately, there are several ways to register for Vkontakte without a phone number. However, an optimal way is to use a second number, which can be obtained through various means such as a temporary phone number service or a virtual phone number app like Dingtone. Users can get a second number or multiple numbers without extra phones. Though the numbers belong to the virtual group, they are still valid for Vkontakte number verification.

How to Get a Second Number from Dingtone?

You can get one or multiple phone numbers from Dingtone based on the following steps.

Step 1. Download Dingtone and install it on your device, iOS or Android.

Step 2. Create an account.

Step 3. Tap “Connect” – “Add a New Phone Number”. Select an area code and phone number.

Step 4. Pay for the number and you’ll be able to use it as your second number.

In summary, registering for Vkontakte without a phone number is possible. Users can opt to use a second number obtained through a temporary phone number service or a virtual phone number app such as Dingtone. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can enjoy the benefits of Vkontakte without compromising your privacy.

NOTE: In the event that you encounter difficulties with SMS verification using Dingtone numbers (mostly due to policy restrictions imposed by the registration platforms), we strongly recommend contacting our support team for prompt assistance. You can reach us by sending an email to

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