How to Call Mexico from the US?

Connecting Across Borders: The Need to Call Mexico from the US

Whether for business, family or simply staying in touch with friends, the need to call Mexico from the US arises frequently. Here are some of the key reasons:


International trade, collaboration, and communication with colleagues, clients, and suppliers in Mexico are commonplace for many US companies.

Family and friends

With a large Mexican diaspora in the US and countless families and friendships spanning the border, staying connected through phone calls remains crucial.


Tourists visiting Mexico for leisure or business need to make local calls for various purposes, ranging from booking hotels to contacting tour guides.


Prompt communication is vital in case of emergencies involving loved ones in Mexico.

Who Needs to Reach Across the Border?

Calling Mexico from the US isn’t limited to a specific group. Here’s a diverse range of individuals who frequently require this service:

  • Business professionals: CEOs, managers, and employees involved in cross-border trade, marketing, customer service, or project management.
  • Expats: Americans living and working in Mexico for temporary or permanent periods.
  • Students: Individuals pursuing educational opportunities in Mexico.
  • Travelers: Tourists enjoying the rich culture, history, and landscapes of Mexico.
  • Individuals with family and friends: Those with close connections residing in Mexico.

Bridging the Distance: Solutions for Calling Mexico from the US

Thankfully, various reliable and cost-effective solutions exist for making calls from the US to Mexico:

Traditional Phone Services:


Landlines and mobile phone plans often offer international calling packages with predictable monthly fees and fixed rates.


Can be expensive, especially for frequent or long calls. Hidden charges and limitations may be present in international packages.

VoIP Services:


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers like Skype and Viber offer significantly lower rates than traditional phone companies. They often include features like free video calls and instant messaging.


Call quality depends on internet connection stability. Additional software or subscriptions might be required.

Calling Apps:


Mobile apps like Dingtone offer flexible plans and affordable calling rates to Mexico. They are user-friendly and convenient, and provide additional features like voicemail and call recording.


Require a data connection or Wi-Fi. Some advanced features might require in-app purchases.

Use Dingtone

As one of the top VoIP service providers around the world, Dingtone now has been helping millions of users with their smooth telecommunications. No matter whether landline or mobile, Dingtone can smoothly reach their family, friends, or business partners. It’s easy and cheap to get a valid international number on Dingtone, dramatically reducing communication costs and improving communication efficiency.

Additional Factors to Consider

Frequency of calls

Dedicated international calling plans might be more cost-effective for frequent callers.

Technical expertise

Choose a solution that suits your comfort level, as some require more technical knowledge.

Additional features

Consider features like video calls, voicemail, and call recording, depending on your needs.

By carefully evaluating your needs and comparing available options, you can find the perfect solution for calling Mexico from the US and effortlessly stay connected at an affordable price.

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