how to register for instagram with dingtone number

How to Register for Instagram with a Dingtone Phone Number?

Instagram, the visual storytelling powerhouse founded in 2010 by Michel Krieger and Kevin Systrom, has reshaped social media. Boasting over two billion monthly users globally and a staggering $51.4 billion revenue in 2022, it’s a cultural phenomenon. To get an Instagram account, you need a real phone number, which means the number can be used to call, message, and receive verification code during account registration. Fortunately, you can get a second, or even a third, or a fourth number free of charge from the Dingtone App to sign up for Instagram. This blog will show you how to do this.

Why Will I Ever Need a New Instagram Account Since I Already Have One?

You may wonder why you would need another IG account since you have already got one. Yes, the Instagram account you’re using must be registered by your SIM card phone number. However, the truth is you should. Having a second Instagram account will make things easier for you. Most of you may already have an IG account that you sign up for with your personal phone number or your only phone number.

So, all of your Instagram contacts are your real friends, and they add you via your phone number. But when you start using Instagram as a tool or a platform to expand your business or potential customers, are you willing to sacrifice your privacy for strangers? I suppose not. So, using a different phone number to sign up for an Instagram account for business can help protect your privacy.

On the other hand, when you use another Instagram account to run your business, you gain credibility with potential customers because you can edit your Instagram profile and focus entirely on your career. For example, you could edit your Instagram account to call your business name, like “Nancy’s Homemade Store” so that customers can identify you more quickly.

how to register for instagram with dingtone number

How to Get an Instagram Account Without A Phone Number or SIM Card?

Indeed, we need a second phone number to sign up for a new Instagram account. Once you download Instagram and install it on your device, it will be clearly stated on Instagram’s welcome page.

However, where should you put your second phone number SIM card if you have only one phone or don’t expect another one. Don’t worry. That won’t happen when it comes to Dingtone’s second number.

Dingtone is an application installed on your device. You get a number from it and use it through WiFi or cellular data. All your communications based on this number, including calls, messages, images, and voice calls can be traced through the Dingtone app.

How to Get A Second Phone Number from Dingtone for Free?

  1. Download and install Dingtone on your iOS or Android device, phone, or tablet.
  2. Turn on the Dingtone and call, and you’ll get our number at random.
  3. Check your phone number by clicking on “Connect” and then “My Phone number”.
dingtone second phone number 1

Remember this number and you can use it to sign up for Instagram.

For a specific phone number in a country, click Connect – My Phone Number – Add a new phone number. Choose a country first. Then, select an area code. Finally, choose a number. If you want to keep it for a year, you should pay with money or Dingtone credits.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Register for Instagram with Dingtone Number

Step#1. Download and install Instagram on your device. Or Add an Account to your existing Instagram app.

Step#2. Click “Agree & Continue” to continue.

Step#3. Enter your telephone number and submit your captcha.

Fill in your phone number and you will receive a verification code from the Dingtone app. You can continue to register by filling in the verification code on Instagram.

Step#4. Complete your Instagram profile and close your registration.

What Can Dingtone App Do for You?

Dingtone is a free call and message application that allows users to make international calls. The phone numbers provided by Dingtone are real phone numbers, and unlike other phone applications, these applications may provide a random string as a number, basically any number in the United States, especially Canada, the United Kingdom, or most European countries.

Ways to Get Free Credits on Dingtone for Keeping the Number You Get

Dingtone can be used for free to call and message due to the Dingtone credit system which allows Dingtone users to earn credits that are then consumed to make calls or send messages.

Dingtone Credit System

Daily check-in

Every time you do the daily check-in you will get some credits for free and earn more time to call or text internationally. This is the easiest and convenient way to get credits for using Dingtone.

Watch videos

After watching the short videos, the Dingtone credits you earn will be added to your balance very fast. Also, make sure you have completed the above steps, otherwise, you will not be able to earn your free Dingtone credits. Credits can be earned by just relaxing and watching the videos on the Dingtone app! With the Dingtone credits, you get you can enjoy your journey with Dingtone as long as you like it!

Complete an offer

Free credits can also be obtained by completing an offer. This is a quick way to get big credits. If you want more Dingtone credits, this is your first choice! Completing an offer will not take you so long, just a few sample questions, and then you will get free credits as rewards.

Invite friends

By inviting new users to the Dingtone app you can definitely get a large number of credits! And most importantly, it is unlimited! For each new user you invite, you can get 20 credits for free. Isn’t it amazing? Don’t hesitate! Invite your friends to try out this amazing free calling app with you.

Apart from Instagram, Dingtone numbers have been verified to work with the following platforms or services:

NOTE: In the event that you encounter difficulties with SMS verification using Dingtone numbers (mostly due to policy restrictions imposed by the registration platforms), we strongly recommend contacting our support team for prompt assistance. You can reach us by sending an email to

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