create an account on tinder without personal number

How to Register for Tinder without Your Phone Number

Known for fostering connections and sparking romance, Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app, is constantly innovating to create a more positive and secure dating experience for its users. The app is available in over 190 countries and is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. As of 2022, Tinder has over 75 million monthly active users and 10.9 million subscribers worldwide. Tinder requires users to register using a Facebook account or their phone number. There are many reasons why you might want to avoid registering on Tinder with your phone number. For example, your phone number is registered with your place of employment. If you belong to a certain group or gang, perhaps you might want to keep that hidden from people.

create an account on tinder without personal number

What is Tinder and How does it Work?

Launched in 2012, Tinder offers a user-friendly platform for discovering potential romantic partners. With its unique swipe feature, users can quickly express interest or pass on profiles. When both users swipe right, it’s a match, allowing them to chat within the app. Tinder’s simplicity and convenience have made it a go-to choice for millions worldwide, creating new opportunities for meaningful connections and relationships. Tinder has been downloaded over 400 million times, underscoring its widespread adoption and appeal. The app’s influence extends to real-life interactions, with an impressive 1.5 million users going on dates each week, fostering meaningful connections and fostering relationships.

Further prioritizing user safety and convenience, Tinder recently introduced the “Share My Date” feature in April 2024. This feature allows users to seamlessly share details of their upcoming dates with friends or family, keeping their loved ones informed. Additionally, in February 2024, Tinder expanded its successful ID Verification program to the US, UK, Brazil, and Mexico, following a pilot program in Australia and New Zealand. This expansion highlights Tinder’s commitment to user safety, with ID-verified users receiving a significant boost in matches.

To use Tinder, first, create a profile with basic details and photos. Then, Tinder presents potential matches. Swipe right for interest and left for disinterest. When both users swipe right, it’s a match. Start chatting within the app to get to know each other better. Tinder also offers features like super likes and subscription options for added benefits. Once a connection is established, users can plan to meet in person for a date or further interactions. Privacy is a priority. Control who can see your profile and utilize safety features like photo verification.

Why is it NOT wise to register for Tinder with your personal mobile number?

There are many users you never expect to “meet” on Tinder.

Would you feel awkward if you saw your ex, family member, colleague, or professor or let them know you’re using Tinder for online dating? Probably you would nod.

Unfortunately, a survey indicated that 40% of Tinder users met an ex, 24% a family member, and 10% their teacher while using Tinder. All the “unwanted” users showed up on their match-swiping pages.

How are those people suggested to you on Tinder, then?

Based on the number you use to create a Tinder account.

When your personal number is used, the Tinder app will be allowed to have access to your contacts and all your mobile contacts will be automatically matched to you since the system “believes” you know each other, and you’ll be happy to see your friends are also using Tinder as you are.

As a matter of fact, based on the survey above, 78% of surveyed people confirmed that they would not like to “meet” their contacts on Tinder.

It’s not safe!

Nowadays, a phone number is always asked for by numerous online services so everyone’s personal number is usually linked with so much personal information concerning privacy such as an address, bank account information, and more.

If your Tinder account has been hacked, your personal number will be leaked with your privacy compromised as well. In addition, you’ll be possibly tracked by online snoopers if your Tinder account is linked to your personal number.

Can You Create a Tinder Account without a Phone Number?

Unfortunately, you can not. Phone number verification is required for Tinder registration. It is possible to create a Tinder account without a phone number. Even if you register for Tinder with your Facebook or Google, phone number verification is still requited. Fortunately, you can register on Tinder with a second phone number instead of your own phone number.

Can You Use a Fake Phone Number for Tinder?

Yes, it is possible to use a fake phone number from second number apps like Dingtone for Tinder. Fake phone numbers from Dingtone are not really fake. They are real phone numbers and can be used to receive SMS verification codes.

With a second phone number used to register for Tinder, your personal phone number will be well protected from being known by unexpected or unwanted Tinder users that may chase you all the time.

Since too much of your personal information is linked with your personal number, as soon as a second phone number is used to create a Tinder account, your privacy can be well protected from being exposed to the Internet

As a second phone number is used to register for Tinder, all your contacts in your real life won’t be automatically matched on your Tinder page so you won’t meet your family or friends there.

The beauty of online dating lies in the freedom of allowing you to enjoy love without any burden. That’s just about love, anyway. With a second phone number used to create a Tinder account, a shield is well prepared, stopping you from worrying about security concerns.

How to Bypass Tinder Phone Verification with a Dingtone Number

Dingtone is a virtual phone number app that works with Tinder. A Dingtone number can be used to register for Tinder and get a verification code. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Get a second number from Dingtone.

International numbers can be obtained from Dingtone, containing different area codes from the leading countries around the world. Users are even able to get a second phone number without any charge on Dingtone if they have sufficient Dingtone credits in their accounts.

Any area code can be selected for your second phone number and it isn’t only limited to your current geological location. Choosing an area different from your current location is better to protect your privacy.

Step 2. Register for Tinder with a Dingtone number.

As you sign up for Tinder, select “LOG IN WITH PHONE NUMBER”.

get a verification code on tinder 1

Then, fill your Dingtone number with the correct area code selected and click the “CONTINUE” button.

get a verification code on tinder 2

You’ll receive a verification code from the Dingtone app and you should fill it in the code area to continue your registration.

get a verification code on tinder 3

Next, provide your email address and verify it.

get a verification code on tinder 4

Now, your Tinder account has been successfully created. You can enjoy your online dating without worries right now!


Apart from Tinder registration, a Dingtone number can be used to sign up for most online services, including:


Can you browse Tinder without an account?

No, you cannot browse Tinder without an account. Tinder is a dating app that requires users to sign up for an account and create a profile to access the app’s features. Once you have signed up for an account, you can browse through other users’ profiles, swipe left or right on profiles that interest you, and message other users if you match with them.

Why does Tinder require profile verification?

Tinder has a profile verification process that is designed to assure users that a particular profile is genuine. This process involves the submission of a series of real-time posed selfies, which are then compared to existing profile photos using human-assisted AI technology. The purpose of this process is to weed out fake profiles and catfishers.

Can someone look up you on Tinder by your phone number?

No, Tinder does not have a feature that allows users to search for other users based on their phone number.

Does Tinder show your phone number?

No, Tinder does not show your phone number to other users on the app. When you sign up for Tinder, you are required to provide a phone number for account verification purposes. However, this information is kept private and is not visible to other users. Tinder does not reveal your phone number in your profile, in your messages, or anywhere else on the app.

How to get unbanned from Tinder?

If you feel like your account was wrongfully banned, you can make an appeal to Tinder. It it does not work, make a new Tinder account. Tinder tracks your IP address and phone number, so change your IP address and use a new phone number when creating a new Tinder account. You can get a new phone number from Dingtone for Tinder.

NOTE: In the event that you encounter difficulties with SMS verification using Dingtone numbers (mostly due to policy restrictions imposed by the registration platforms), we strongly recommend contacting our support team for prompt assistance. You can reach us by sending an email to

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