How Much does it Cost to Send and Receive SMS with Dingtone?

Dingtone app supports calls and messages, domestic and international. If you’ve been relying on the SMS feature on Dingtone, this article is quite worth reading.

Advantages to Send and Receive SMS on Dingtone

Save Money (Of Course!)

Acknowledge or not, money-saving is the direct reason driving some people to use Dingtone for calls and messages. A Dingtone premium plan allows subscribers to unlimitedly call and send messages to any number at a low cost, which is much lower than the cost of a plan provided by leading telecommunication carriers.

Message to Any Number

Generally speaking, prices differ a lot when it comes to domestic SMS and international SMS and it’s quite true that the latter calls for extremely high prices if an ordinary SIM card plan is used. Dingtone SMS allows its users to message anyone no matter where they are, locally or internationally.

Message from a Second Number

Everyone needs a second number but not everyone knows why to have a second number.

How to Check SMS Rates on Dingtone

Calling rates are clearly introduced on Dingtone so that it’s transparent to know how much it takes to call and message. (Quite cheap, uh?)

Step 1. Open Dingtone app on your device, smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android.

Step 2. Tap the “More” at the bottom of the interface and tap the “Settings” to enter the general interface of all settings.

Step 3. Tap the “Call Settings” and then the “Calling Rates”.

Now, you’ve seen an interface like below where all rates are displayed including calling rates, and rates for SMS and MMS.

To get the specific SMS rates to a specific number belonging to a specific country, you need to fill the number in the blank with “Phone number (with area code)” with the country code selected. Then, you’ll get the specific SMS rates to a specific number.

As you receive messages on Dingtone, you also need to pay a small amount of Dingtone credits to receive the SMS. However, the amount of Dingtone credits needed to receive SMS is usually less than the amount needed for sending SMS.

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