What Should I Do if I Can’t Send an SMS Using Dingtone?

If you fail to send an SMS, you’re suggested to check the following items:

  1. Please check your contact’s phone number to make sure it is a complete phone number consisting of country code, area code and a number. If any of the three parts is missing, you’ll fail to send a message.
  2. Please make sure the contact’s phone number is correct and valid. It’s convenient to select a number directly from your contact list. If you can’t access your contacts, you can go to your phone’s “Settings” >> “Privacy” >> “Contacts” and check that you have enabled Dingtone to access your contacts. This is to make sending an SMS more convenient and Dingtone will not invade on your privacy.
  3. Due to regulatory reasons, you must have a Dingtone phone number to send SMS to recipients in U.S. and Canada. You can check your Dingtone phone number by tapping “Connect” >> “My Phone Numbers”.
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