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How Can I Invite My Friends to Use Dingtone?

It’s profitable for you to actively invite friends to use Dingtone. On one hand, calls and texts between Dingtone users are totally free of charge. As soon as your friends become Dingtone users, all the calling and texts between you will be free. What a surprise!

On the other hand, you will earn Dingtone credits by inviting friends to use Dingtone. All the credits you’ve earned are stored in your account for you to make calls and/or send messages.

The Dingtone app has a built-in invitation function. To invite friends to use Dingtone, you should tap “More” at the right lower corner of the interface and go to “Invite Friends to Use Dingtone”. All the tunnels you can use to invite friends to use Dingtone are shown on this page.

Up to now, you’re allowed to invite friends to use Dingtone via SMS, email, WeChat, WhatsApp and Messenger. Moreover, you’re allowed to copy and paste invitation link to everywhere, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog or forums. The more friends you invite, the more credits you’ll earn and the more free calling minutes you will have.

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