WeChat Stopped Working in India? Here’s a Quick Solution to Reuse It

how to reuse wechat in india

Recently, based on WeChat users in India, WeChat fails to be working on Indian accounts. Based on Entrackr, WeChat officially blocks Indian users from sending or receiving messages to comply with Indian bans on Chinese 59 apps last month. However, there are still some people who need WeChat for instant communication, payment, and information scanning. … [Read more…]


With Viber, Line and Truecaller on the List of 89 Apps for Indian Army Soldiers, which is the Best Alternative to Use for Free Calling and Texting?

COVID-19: Self-isolate at Home, But Love and Concern Can’t be

Based on a twitter post by ANI, Indian Army has asked its personnel to delete 89 apps from their smartphones including Facebook, TikTok, Truecaller, and Instagram to plug leakage of information: Indian Army Sources. The 13-lakh strong Indian Army has been asked to delete these apps by July 15, exactly 10 days ago since 59 … [Read more…]

How to Sign Up WhatsApp Using Dingtone Number

how to sign up whatsapp without phone number or sim card

Since WhatsApp Messenger has been frequently used for instant communication, it has been used more to expand business than just being a communication tool. However, WhatsApp signing up calls for a phone number that has been basically used to register WhatsApp for your own personal life. To get a new account for WhatsApp Messenger, you … [Read more…]