Refer your friends for a chance to win 500 bonus credits this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s celebrate together and enjoy free Dingtone credits. Refer a friend to join Dingtone &get 20 credits. The more you refer, the more you earn. Refer 5 friends, you get 100 credits and 20 EXTRA bonus!! Refer 10 friends, you get 200 credits and 40 EXTRA bonus!! Refer 20 friends, you get 400 … [Read more…]


How to pick good phone numbers on Dingtone and port out to your carrier?

Cannot get desired phone numbers from your local carrier? Looking for a personalized phone number? Dingtone can help! We have area codes that even the carrier does not have. Even better, you can easily port out Dingtone phone number to your local phone carrier including AT&T, Verizon, T&Mobile and Sprint. That’s something big! Ife Miller from … [Read more…]

Introducing the update: Easier to earn credits and More good phone numbers

iOS 3.3.3. and Andorid 2.7.6 of Dingtone bring a number of powerful enhancements: Keep your Dingtone experience great on iOS 10. This version works perfect with iOS 10. Feel free to update! Improved phone number search experience, making it easier to get your very own number. Click here to check how to get a phone number on Dingtone More good phone numbers from U.S., UK and Canada added. Looking for a second line? Cannot get desired phone numbers from your local carrier? Dingtone is the best solution. Dingtone provides millions of real … [Read more…]

How to make free phone calls to India

If you make regular phone calls to India, you’re aware just how expensive the process can be. This can make it extremely difficult for businesses or individuals who need to call India from time to time. The good news is that you don’t have to pay long distance fees or outrageous roaming fees any more. … [Read more…]