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What is 623 Area Code?

Area Code 623 is a North American telephone area code that plays a pivotal role in identifying the origin of phone numbers within the United States. These area codes are essential for efficiently routing phone calls and administering telecommunications services. The 623 area code is a vibrant and growing region with a lot to offer its residents and visitors.

Where is 623 Area Code?

Area Code 623 is a vital telecommunications identifier that covers a specific geographic region within the state of Arizona, USA. This area code predominantly serves the western part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, which is one of the state’s most populous and bustling regions. The coverage area includes a diverse array of cities, towns, and communities, each contributing to the unique cultural and economic landscape of this southwestern hub.

The 623 area code covers a large geographic area, including the cities of Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Avondale, and Goodyear. It also includes parts of Phoenix and Buckeye. Located in the western part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Glendale is known for its professional sports teams, including the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals and NHL’s Arizona Coyotes. It offers a mix of suburban neighborhoods, shopping centers, and cultural attractions.

The geographic reach of Area Code 623 encompasses a diverse blend of urban centers, suburban neighborhoods, and rural pockets, highlighting the dynamic character of the western Phoenix metropolitan area. It serves as a vital telecommunications link, connecting the communities and residents that collectively contribute to the cultural, economic, and social vibrancy of this region.

The Time Zone of 623 Area Code

Area Code 623 operates within the Mountain Time Zone (MT). Consequently, residents and businesses within this area adhere to Mountain Standard Time (MST) during the non-daylight saving months and Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) when daylight saving time is in effect.

The History of 623 Area Code

The history of Area Code 623 is closely tied to the growth and development of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Before the introduction of Area Code 623, the entire Phoenix area was served by a single area code, 602. However, as the population of the region expanded and the demand for phone services increased, it became evident that a new area code was needed. On March 1, 1999, Area Code 623 was officially introduced to meet these needs and establish its own distinct identity within the Phoenix metropolitan area.

The Demographics of 623 Area Code

With a population of approximately 1,233,411 residents, this area code covers a mix of urban and suburban communities, contributing to a diverse and dynamic atmosphere.

In terms of racial and ethnic diversity, Area Code 623 showcases a rich tapestry of backgrounds. Whites make up the majority at 72.3%, reflecting a significant presence in the area. Hispanic or Latino communities are also a prominent part of the demographic landscape, accounting for 20.7% of the population. Additionally, there is noteworthy representation from Native Americans or Alaska Natives at 3.1%, Asians at 1.9%, and Black or African Americans at 1.1%. Individuals identifying with two or more races constitute 1% of the population.

The gender distribution within Area Code 623 is nearly balanced, with 49.7% being male and 50.3% female, indicating a relatively equal gender ratio. The age distribution paints a diverse demographic profile, with a median age of 36.7 years. Approximately 24.1% of residents are under the age of 18, while the working-age group of 18-64 constitutes the majority at 62.8%. Seniors aged 65 and over make up 13.1% of the population, reflecting the presence of an aging community.

In terms of income, the median household income stands at $62,183, reflecting the economic conditions within the region. Approximately 14.8% of residents fall below the poverty line, underscoring the importance of addressing economic disparities and social welfare initiatives within Area Code 623.

The Main Industries of 623 Area Code

The economy of Area Code 623 thrives on a variety of industries, each playing a vital role in shaping its character and providing employment opportunities. Some of the primary industries in the region include:

  • Healthcare and Education: The area is home to healthcare facilities and educational institutions that serve the community and contribute to the local economy.
  • Retail and Commerce: Retail establishments and commercial enterprises are essential components of the local economy, providing goods and services to residents.
  • Service Industries: Various service-oriented businesses, including hospitality, real estate, and professional services, play a crucial role in the region’s economic landscape.
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