How to Get a Google Number in Canada: Navigating Business Communication Challenges

Relying on Google Voice in Canada for streamlined business communication at a fixed price is a smart move. However, the challenge lies in the unavailability of Google Voice in the country. Compounding this issue, Canada’s expensive phone plans make business owners contend with soaring phone bills, as Canadian wireless prices rank among the highest globally.

Because of these difficulties, this guide seeks to offer practical insights into Google Voice’s cost breakdown, comprehensive how-to instructions, a Google Voice number, and an understanding of its limits. In the final section, we’ll reveal a way to get around Google Voice’s drawbacks and have smooth business talks for a lower cost. Let’s get started!

Is Google Voice Available in Canada?

Certainly, Google Voice is functional in Canada; nonetheless, it cannot be utilized as a standalone service. Exclusive access is granted to G Suite or Google Workspace subscribers in Canada who, upon registration, can integrate Google Voice by acquiring an additional license within their G Suite package.

For those with a Google Workspace account, the process involves a straightforward sign-up for Google Voice. Subsequently, Canadian numbers (+1 country code) can be assigned to designated employees utilizing the Google Voice service.

Why Is It Necessary to Get a Google Voice Number in Canada?

Having a Google Voice number is strategically crucial for company communication in Canada. This section goes into great detail about why obtaining a Google Voice number is important, especially in view of the problems with expensive phone plans and the urgent need for a low-cost communication solution.

Navigating the Terrain of Expensive Phone Plans

In Canada, businesses often grapple with the financial burden imposed by high phone plan costs. The national wireless prices are renowned for being among the highest globally, putting considerable strain on business owners who rely extensively on phone communication. Herein lies the crux of the matter: the quest for a practical and economical alternative.

The Google Voice Advantage: Cost-Effectiveness Redefined

By opting for a Google Voice number, businesses in Canada gain access to a cost-effective communication solution that can significantly alleviate the financial strain associated with traditional phone plans. Google Voice, with its distinct set of features and pricing structure, offers a more budget-friendly avenue for businesses to engage in seamless communication.

Streamlining Business Operations with Google Voice

In addition to the financial element, a Canadian Google Voice number makes business operations easier to manage. Users of the service can combine several phone numbers into one, making management easier and the communication infrastructure more structured. In addition to increasing operational effectiveness, this consolidation helps the company project a more polished and unified image.

Enhancing Flexibility and Mobility

Another notable aspect is the enhanced flexibility and mobility that a Google Voice number affords. Users can make and receive calls from various devices, providing an unprecedented level of freedom in conducting business communication. This versatility is particularly advantageous in a fast-paced business environment where adaptability and responsiveness are paramount.

Empowering Businesses with Strategic Communication Solutions

In essence, obtaining a Google Voice number in Canada transcends mere convenience; it becomes a strategic move for businesses seeking to optimize communication in the face of expensive phone plans. The advantages span from financial savings to operational efficiency and flexibility, making the adoption of Google Voice a pivotal step towards unlocking the full potential of cost-effective, yet powerful, business communication in the Canadian context.

How to Get a Google Voice Number in Canada?

Acquiring a Google Voice number in Canada is a simple process if you follow these steps:

Get a US Phone Number

Apply for a US phone number, which takes just 5 minutes. Activate it using the Express Talk softphone app.

Visit the Google Voice Website

Once you have a US phone number, go to the Google Voice website to choose your GV number. If you face any issues, clear your browser history or cache.

Log into Your Voice Account

After logging in with your Gmail account, select “Get a Voice number.” Enter a US area code, choose your number, and input a 4-digit pin code.

Key in the PIN Code

Confirm your Voice number by entering the 4-digit PIN code and agreeing to the terms. Provide your US mobile number for call forwarding.

Start Routing Calls

Click “Call Me Now” to route calls to your Canadian numbers via the Express Talk software. Confirm your Voice number using the provided code.

Now, your verified Google Voice number is ready for use, allowing you to make local and international calls for free in Canada.

Is It Possible to Get a Free Google Voice Number in Canada?

Excited to find answers to your queries? Let us assist you. Wondering if Google Voice is free in Canada or if obtaining a free Google Voice number in Canada is feasible?

While Google Voice is not naturally free in Canada, obtaining a free Google Voice number is indeed possible. Yet, this process comes with challenges. If you attempt to sign up from a Canadian IP address, Google Voice will promptly detect it through IP address location checking, leading to a block.

Using a legitimate US IP address throughout the enrollment procedure is essential to getting around this. To do this, use a reliable Canada VPN that has US servers. A US-based landline or phone number is required for Google Voice to call and confirm your account during the critical account verification step of the signup process.

Even with a successful acquisition of a free Google Voice number through a VPN and a US phone number, note that obtaining a local Canadian number (complete with an area code) is not possible with a free account.

Moreover, the Google Voice free plan is not particularly suited for businesses; it was originally designed for personal users, lacking access to key features like call recording and phone menu. To access these features, a consideration of investment in their paid plans becomes necessary.

Limitations of Google Voice in Canada

Investing in Google Voice’s premium version doesn’t guarantee seamless access to all its services. It’s prudent to understand the limitations of using Google Voice in Canada. Let’s explore:

Absence of Toll-Free Numbers

If your business is expanding globally and desires to attract prospects from distant countries, having a toll-free number is key. Unfortunately, Google Voice falls short in this aspect, as it does not offer toll-free numbers, potentially hindering your ability to benefit from this outreach strategy.

Limited Availability

If your workforce is spread across various countries, Google Voice may not be the ideal choice. Why? Because it supports only 14 countries. If your employees reside in a country not supported by Google Voice, providing them with access to a business line could prove challenging.

No Texting Feature

Do you need to use text messaging to answer client inquiries or stay in contact with employees? You might not be a good fit for Google Voice. The US Google Voice app (accounts linked to Google Workspace) is the only one with access to the messaging feature (unlimited).

With the importance of texting in mind—60% of consumers prefer messaging businesses for customer support—it’s critical to determine if Google Voice meets your communication requirements.

How to Get a Google-Voice-Alternative Number in Canada?

Dingtone numbers can be used for almost all online platforms calling for phone verifications and unlimited worldwide telecommunications. Apart from Google Voice, Dingtone is also a solution that really works. Here’s a step-by-step guide below.

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Step 1. Download Dingtone and install it on your device, iOS or Android.

Step 2. Create an account.

Step 3. Tap “Connect” – “Add a New Phone Number”. Select an area code and phone number.

Step 4. Pay for the number and you’ll be able to use it as your second number.

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