How do I Start a Conference Call on Dingtone?

Dingtone supports conference call at anytime and anywhere with up to 1000 callers in one meeting.

To set up a Conference Call, tap the followings in order: More > Advanced Features > Conference Call.

Two options are available when starting a meeting: Schedule and Instant Meeting. Schedule allows you to plan a conference call by setting Conference Date and Time, Attendees, and Reminding Attendees. As Remind Attendees is enabled, Dingtone will send reminders to attendees via SMS or Email some time (one hour, half an hour or 15 minutes) before the conference call.

As a conference call is started, all attendees will receive a notification containing a conference call invitation link that will be clicked by attendees in order to join it. No matter attendees are Dingtone users or not, they can successfully click the invitation link and join the meeting.

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