How to Find a Good Job Abroad with a Dingtone Phone Number?


Like many others who leave their homes to find work in other country, Felipe Santos da Rocha, a loyal Dingtone user from Brazil, will go to Canada in January for a brighter career.
Knowing the necessity of a local phone number for working abroad, he got a Canadian phone number on Dingtone within a few clicks.
I am doing some interviews in Canada, so I used my dingtone number to Canada companies call me”.

Having a contact number locally before even arriving is really a big benefit.
No need to change your SIM card, no hassle of signing up contract with the phone company. A Dingtone phone number is just a few clicks away!

With a Dingtone phone number, you can:
Use this local phone number to get interview calls
A local phone number on your resume is a big plus when applying for a job. For example, if you are applying for a job in California, a good phone number starting with 424 will leave a deep impression.

Stay connected with family and friends back home for free
Connecting with your family back home is a big issue. Get a local phone number so that your family can reach you anytime anywhere. Alternatively, you can invite your family and friends to use Dingtone to make completely free phone calls.

Connect local services such as Uber, restaurant and even bank services
Get a local phone number to enjoy local service when you’re abroad. Stop paying outrageous roaming charges just to communicate with local friends, Uber drivers, hotels, and restaurants.

make Dingtone free calls to connect with family

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