Is Dingtone Free?

Absolutely yes.

Dingtone app is free to download.

You can download Dingtone for free from both Apple Store for iOS operating system and Google Play Store for Android operating system.

Dingtone app is free to use.

Dingtone app is used to make phone calls to any number, at anywhere and anytime through WiFi or cellular data. Besides, it can be also used to send and receive messages of text, voice, together with video, images, emojis, location, doodle, or contact.

The reason why Dingtone can be used for free lies in Dingtone credits system. Dingtone credits play a role as virtual money within this app and they can be earned by users by completing tasks, or participating in activities. The earned Dingtone credits will be stored in users’ account and consumed for calling or texting.

It’s easy for Dingtone users to earn credits on this app. Ordinary tasks include Daily Check-in, Feeling Lucky, Inviting Friends to Use Dingtone, etc. Moreover, numerous activities are usually held on holidays when Dingtone users are allowed to win more credits with much fun. In addition, some interesting activities are usually available on Dingtone Facebook or Dingtone Blog. Therefore, it’s such a good idea to follow Dingtone Facebook and Bookmark Dingtone Blog.

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