stop from being overmarketed during online shopping

Still Using Your Private Phone Number for Online Shopping? Time to Avoid being Overmarketed

Register, browse, add to cart, fill in the address and phone number, and finally check out.

Such an online shopping process can never be more familiar to people nowadays even so that it’s been taken for granted. However, keep it in mind that your private phone number does NOT go with online shopping services and should NOT be shared without hesitation.

Want it or Not, Your Private Phone Number Leads You to be Always Reachable for Sellers.

A private phone number is rarely changed.

Therefore, once a private phone number is shared with someone, it’ll be almost permanently owned by him/her.

That’s why you always receive promotional messages from a seller even though your first-time purchase just originated from a birthday gift idea for your friend. After that, you don’t need such messages anymore, but they always get to you as often as possible.

All the above started from the phone number you just left while shopping online.

It’ll be more unfortunate if that’s your private phone number because it’s impossible for anyone to give up a used-for-years private phone number just to avoid spam messages.

Even if you actually need promotion messages from some sellers that sell things you really need like coffee beans or tissues, it’s still not a smart idea to share your private phone number with them because they always lead you to spend more.

Think about the content of the promotional messages or emails that always occur to you. All words have ONE target, that is, to encourage you to buy more. Therefore, coupon codes or discounts always play a role as a “hook” misleading you to believe you’re saving money. Sadly, money will never be saved as you pay.

You’re just being overmarketed.

Check your storeroom now and do you see piles of tissues or anything like that? In spite of the long shelf life they probably have, are you having more than you really need? Whenever promotion messages flood to your phone, no one can guarantee to directly ignore them without hesitation. Sometimes it’s a sort of snowball effect and you’ll be trained to pay someday.

As long as your phone number is available, promotion messages or calls won’t come to an end since the phone number you provide is the “perfect” link between you and sellers.

Your Private Phone Number Exposes So Much Information about Your Identity.

Find it or not, a phone number is usually needed as you create an account on all websites or applications to verify your identity and it always occurs that a verification code is required to be provided to further verify the validity of the number and the number owner, YOU, of course. Such a step fails to be missed out unless you don’t want to use the online service.

Apparently, the verification code is said to be serving online security, but it also establishes a link between the number owner and the online service provider. Worse still, if your private phone number is used to sign up for accounts, too much of your personal information will be combined to form a sketch of your identity.

Your name, address, Facebook profile, or bank account can be all dug out based on your private phone number. As such the information is leaked or tracked, your accounts may be easily hacked through password questions.

  • What is the middle name of your mother?
  • What are the last four digits of your bank account?
  • What is the name of your first school?

Without professional IT knowledge, your online accounts can be easily accessible (not even hacked), just based on your private phone number sharing.

Moreover, online shopping contains more than two parties besides you, the buyer and the seller and it also covers logistics and its staff. When your private phone number is used for online shopping, your identity information will be instantly held by logistics together with your name and address. That’ll be extremely risky for your security.

Prepare a Plan B for Your Private Phone Number

What to do with over-marketing and personal information leaks?

Add a second number to your smartphone. With a second number, you can:

  • Give your private phone number to close friends and family only and give the second number to all else
  • Answer calls and reply to messages to your private number and directly refuse or ignore any call or message to your second number
  • Use the second number for all temporary situations like Craigslist, Uber, Amazon, and even online dating.

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