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5 Overlooked Tips to Drive 10X E-Commerce Sales to American Consumers with $0 Marketing Budget

Undoubtedly, the American market for e-commerce is still quite potential in 2022 due to its high population and consumer spending capability. Every e-commerce business owner or staff has been striving to maximize opportunities to earn more money and best reach American consumers based on a low budget. It always occurs, however, common things that are truly useful tend to be overlooked, including the tips to be discussed below in this article.

Tip#1. Eliminate these hidden costs.

E-commerce to the American market sometimes frightens retailers or small business owners most lies in the high hidden costs like taxes, logistics, middleman costs, or transaction costs. All the hidden costs dramatically cut the ROI.

How to Exactly:

  • Instead of creating a physical presence in the US but establish an overseas office in a place where taxes are friendly, like Hong Kong.
  • If you’re a small business owner, a Hong Kong office isn’t even needed at all, and you just stay where you live and do the e-commerce business over the Internet. What you really need is just a US phone number and an e-wallet account like PayPal.
  • Shipping costs to American consumers can be saved through using warehouses in Canada or Mexico and they’re also beneficial to improve shipping efficiency, which will finally contribute to high customer satisfaction rates.
  • Stop sharing your profits with Amazon or Walmart anymore and start to use your own website, social media, and business phone number to directly talk to your American consumers to cut the middleman cost.

Tip#2. Weigh customer service.

American consumers are essentially sensitive to customer service quality, and it usually occurs that most American consumers would like to switch to a different provider if at most 3 negative experiences are met. To drive more e-commerce sales to American consumers, excellent customer service is a must-have backup.

How to Exactly:

  • Optimize customer service tools and multiply customer service channels to meet different demands of different customers of different ages, occupations, and socializing habits.
  • Facebook may be appropriate for business consumers, Snapchat for young people, Pinterest for those that are interested in fashion. Pick up an optimal social media platform based on the specific needs of American consumers.
  • Use live chat tools to quickly respond to customers’ questions and demands and social media and email platforms to market products.
  • Prepare a US phone number if you need to talk with American consumers to make your brand essentially trusted.

Tip#3. Be cautious not to overmarket.

It’s quite understandable that sales are expected to keep rising all the time although it’s hardly possible. Therefore, it’s extremely necessary to keep a suitable marketing extent, which is especially important for American consumers.

How to Exactly:

  • Instead of marketing your products anytime and anywhere, a constant marketing pace should be kept so as to make them comfortable with American consumers.
  • Never disturb American consumers while they are staying with family or during a holiday. Most Americans care about their privacy so two numbers are often used, one for private life and the other for business.
  • Even if you “bravely” cross the line to call them during holidays or weekends to market your products to them, it’s still possible for your calls to smoothly arrive at their phones because the filter feature stops them from being disturbed during off-office hours.

Tip#4. Be mobile friendly.

The quick development of e-commerce in the US in recent years derives from the increasing numbers of smartphone owners and the easy access to the Internet. Traditional e-commerce owners deal with their businesses on websites alone but now the platform should be more directed to smartphones.

How to Exactly:

  • Establish a homepage friendly for mobile users so that American mobile consumers are able to smoothly browse and order.
  • If you have a limited budget for a wholly new mobile page, use a tool instead. For example, use a Google’s free tool to test your website’s compatibility with mobile and get improvement tips.

Tip#5. Conform to snowball effect.

Different from offline commerce, e-commerce is more difficult to carry out because of cross-cultural misunderstandings, high shipping fees possibly leading to high budget, and so many inconveniences brought by cross-border issues. Therefore, it’s not suggested to expect to have a great fortune over a couple of orders, and the snowball effect should be respected.

How to Exactly:

  • Never rush to your business if you’d like to establish a long-term relationship with American consumers.
  • Keep a natural and friendly relationship with all your consumers in the US and your brand will be marketed even without saying.

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