A Successful Career Starts with Self-Appreciation – Here’s How to Appreciate Yourself as an Employee

National Employee Appreciation Day is around the corner, on March 4 in 2022. There may be some appreciation activities to be held or office traditions to be followed in some companies that value employees, such as letting employees leave early on the day, offering them gifts, or inviting them for snacks or meals.

Everyone has a job. However, what exactly do you work for, then?

It’s normally easy to see different people holding different answers. Nevertheless, no matter what exactly you aim for, a successful career is always expected.

Truth should be kept in mind forever, that is, a successful career starts with self-appreciation. For all employees calling for successful careers, every day is Employee Appreciation Day.

Stay Focused While Staying at Your Desk

Staying focused at your desk is beneficial for momentum building, productivity-increasing, stress-reducing, and better work quality production. Then, how to stay focused on the job exactly? Here are some easy-to-follow tips below.

  • Remove Distractions

Anything can be a distraction from your focus while you’re working. To stay focused on your job, remove the things that are irrelevant to your job like snacks, and keep your smartphone far away from you. In addition, keeping everything on your desk organized and neat is also beneficial for you to stay focused.

  • Schedule Tasks

Tasks should be scheduled in an order based on their emergency and importance levels so that business issues can be smoothly completed on time and no extra space will be left to your mind to stay totally free.

  • Sleep Well and Have a Rest

Sound sleep is the important element guaranteeing the high quality of desk jobs since your brain has gained sufficient rest for further smoothly running to think.

  • Conform to Time Management

Rigorous time management should be taken to ensure all tasks can be well completed on time to get a sense of achievement in time. The constant sense of achievement is beneficial for work efficiency improvement.

Do Your Job with Both Efforts and Efficiency

Both efforts and efficiency are needed in your job. Efforts stand for your working motivation while efficiency helps to accelerate the generation of your job results. How to be more efficient at work, then? Below are some suggestions.

  • Set Reasonable Goals

The work goals provide the directions where you should move towards. But they should not be set freely. Rome is not built in one day. A complicated task can never be done in minutes. Steps should be followed with reasonable goals set so that each step can be well achieved. Each goal should be set reasonably, neither too high nor too low.

  • Depend on Talking instead of Messaging

Instant messaging has been used as a necessary tool for daily communications as far as business is concerned due to its convenience of crossing distance limitations. However, when distance isn’t an issue or the emergency of the task prioritizes, talking should be used as a top solution for communication, which is also why international calls are still widely used around the world even though the Internet has reached almost all corners. Talking saves time and helps to solve problems quickly.

  • Stay Distant from “Perfect”

Being perfect is so attractive that everyone strives for it, like Steve Jobs (he is the one that first occurs to me when perfect is concerned). It’s quite normal for people to strive for being perfect since want just exists. Unfortunately, being perfect is more like a myth. It should be regarded as an eternal goal, but it should never be used as a standard line. After all, nothing is perfect in the world and time tends to be wasted if striving for being perfect is set to be a goal in your job.

Express Yourself Bravely and Suitably

Your work results should be respected and rewarded after sweaty efforts have been made. Sometimes your work results may be ignored for some reason, which is hurting somehow. To appreciate yourself for work, you should bravely express yourself. If your job results aren’t rewarded or praised by your leader, you should let them know about your ideas and remind them of what you have done contributing to such an amazing result.

If you expect for a salary increase, it’s all your right to express yourself in a brave and suitable way. That’s an important way to appreciate your efforts on your job.

A Work-Life Balance isn’t a Trap.

It’s said a work-life balance is a trap. It depends on how you deal with your business things when you stay outside the office.

Do you know, to keep a work-life balance a simple tool just works?

That is a second phone number.

I’ve already had a phone number but why do I need an extra one?

If that is a question that always occurs to you, it’s extremely possible that you must be troubled by job things even when you’re staying with family or friends. One number is used for all situations and your personal number is the only channel connecting you and others, both family and friends, both colleagues and boss, both delivery man and online sellers. Having only one phone number means that you are always available for your work even you should not.

How troublesome to manage two phone numbers with two phones!

Don’t be silly! Two phone numbers can be used on one smartphone.

Use your SIM card phone number as your personal number that is given to family and friends only and use a number app, like Dingtone, for a second number that is given to others.

During holidays or vacations, only answer the calls to your personal phone number and ignore all to your second number. That’s easy!

Start Appreciating Yourself Today

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