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Meet Arnab Talukder: Earning Free Credits is what I enjoy most about Dingtone

While some users are still at the very beginning of earning credits, Arnab has found pleasure therein. Arnab Talukder is a new user of Dingtone, but he figured out how it works quickly. Arnab ranks third in the 7-day Dingtone Credit Olympics by earning 659 Dingtone credits in one week.

Arnab lives in Kolkata, India, and is now a student in higher secondary. We caught up with Arnab recently to find out more about his story with Dingtone.

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Q: Congratulations! You just won third prize in the Dingtone Credit Olympics with a total earning of 659 credits in one week. How did you make it?

A: I became insane at that period. All I did (except my day to day activities) was to sit down & use Dingtone. I was so determined to win all those credits. It became an obsession for me.

The secret is, just hang in there and invest some of your time rather than wasting it on other useless apps. And one more thing. DO COMPLETE THE OFFERS. It helps a lot.

Q: When did you first begin to use Dingtone?

A: About a year ago, I was searching through Google to find some free calling apps. That’s when I found out about Dingtone. I downloaded & installed it. And I fall in love with it instantly. From that day, it has been part of my daily activities.

Q: How much time do you spend on Dingtone every day?

A: I spend 2-3 hours at least a day, even more in my free time.

Q: Which feature of Dingtone do you like most?

A: Earning credits is what I like most about Dingtone. This is an incredible feature. I mean, you are earning credits for real! How cool is that!”

Q: Any feature else that you use a lot except for earning credits?

A: The cheap call feature. I use it the most while talking to friends living in other countries.

Amid the interview, we received the news that Dingtone ranks 15 in U.S. Google Play Social Top Charts and shared it instantly with Arnab. And he discussed with us the possibilities of Dingtone in his hometown, where Dingtone has faced competitions from big boys like Whatsapp and Viber.

“I think Dingtone is the most UNDER RATED app ever! The others consume far more data than Dingtone. The main reason is that many people are unfamiliar with Dingtone,” he added. “Someday, I wish to see DINGTONE tops them all. So, I will keep sharing it no matter what. Currently, my 3-4 friends are using Dingtone. My father uses it sometimes. But, he is still learning. He takes his time, but eventually, he will get there.”

Thanks to Arnab for sharing your story! It is also our vision – always to strive to offer you the best, whether it be the call quality or rich features.

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