Win Huge Credits from the Black Friday Sale

Here comes the big moment to win huge Dingtone credits from the Black Friday sale!

Both Tapjoy and Fyber will be available on Dingtone so that you’ll have an opportunity to win up to 2X credits.

  • Tapjoy – 1.5X your credits (24 November – 27 November)
  • Fyber – 2X your credits (25 November – 28 November)

You Have an Opportunity to Win Huge 2X and 1.5X Credits from Dingtone

Tapjoy and Fyber provide you an opportunity to earn huge credits from Dingtone in 2022!

Tap “Connect” > “Get Free Credits” > “Complete an Offer” to enter the page where multiple offers are available to complete to earn huge credits.

Dingtone users are allowed to get up to 100 credits by completing the offers and the number will be doubled or 1.5 times on big occasions. If you make enough effort, more credits will be earned.

What Is Tapjoy? What Is Fyber?

Dingtone is a free calling application based on the Internet, cellular data, or WiFi. Users are allowed to earn Dingtone credits on it to call or text due to VOIP technology. Dingtone provides numerous methods to earn credits on it and experienced Dingtone users are capable of earning 1,000 credits in just one day in 2021.

Apart from ordinary daily check-in, watching videos, and playing online games such as Dingtone cat or fruit planting, users can earn huge credits from Tapjoy and Fyber offers. That’s definitely a high-cost performance.

Tapjoy and Fyber are revolutionizing the mobile advertising and app monetization industry. They provide opportunities to both publishers and customers to gain profit. When it comes to Dingtone, Tapjoy and Fyber activities can be used to gain huge Dingtone credits. As long as users take some time to finish some offers, the credits will be earned in their Dingtone wallet.

Complete an Offer to Win Huge Credits from Dingtone

You have more than one way to access Tapjoy and Fyber offer page.

Way#1. From “Connect” to access Tapjoy/Fyber offers

Step#1. Tap the “Connect” at the bottom of the interface Dingtone.

Step#2. Tap the “Get Free Credits” to enter the main page “Earn Free Credits”.

Step#3. Tap the “Complete an Offer” to win credits through completing offers.


Way#2. From “More” to access Tapjoy/Fyber offers

Step#1. Tap “More” at the bottom of the interface of Dingtone.

Step#2. Tap the “Get Free Credits” to enter the main page “Earn Free Credits”.

Step#3. Tap the “Complete an Offer” to win credits through completing offers.


Numerous Types of Offers to Complete and Earn Credits

Tapjoy or Fyber offers mostly surveys or questionnaires around some topics. They need to complete it in a couple of minutes. Naturally, the more time you spend on the offers, the more credits you will win.

Don’t be afraid of your privacy leak because your personal information isn’t called by the offers. Sometimes, your basic information yours may be called age, degree, marriage, or annual income. However, core personal information won’t be called.

Tapjoy and Fyber offer actually play a role in killing two birds with one stone. Not only do they provide users’ likes and hate to companies or corporations, but they also give profits to users, like Dingtone credits.

Choose the Right Time to Double Dingtone Credits

Yes, Tapjoy and Fyber offer to help Dingtone users to earn huge credits for free calling and texting. Do you know the huge credits can be 1.5 times more or even double? Here’s how.

Tapjoy and Fyber offers are always available, but you should choose the most cost-effective time to complete them because the earned Dingtone credits can be 1.5 times thanks to Tapjoy offers or double to Fyber offers.

For example, when you complete a Fyber offer valuing 60 credits, then 120 credits will eventually come into your Dingtone wallet.

Then how to know the right time comes? It usually falls on big days like Easter, Christmas, etc. So, it’s of great necessity to follow Dingtone on Facebook, Twitter, and bookmark Dingtone’s Blog so as to be informed in time when surprising moments do occur.

What are Dingtone Credits and How to Earn them on Dingtone App?

Dingtone credits can be used as money to make free phone calls and send messages on Dingtone App. The reason why Dingtone can be used to make free phone calls and send free messages lies in the credit scheme. Users complete simple tasks on Dingtone and earn credits in their accounts. Then, the credits will be consumed to make international phone calls and send messages.

Numerous methods are offered to users to win Dingtone credits so that focused users can earn 1000 credits in just one day. International dialing only costs a few credits. What a huge fortune 1000 credits are!

Dingtone credits can be earned at any time and at any place as long as you take some time on that. The main methods to earn Dingtone credits include:

Low or Random Credits

  • Daily Check-in (1-3 credits for each time and more credits can be expected if you do it continuously)
  • Watch Videos (0.5-5 credits for each video watching)
  • I’m Feeling Lucky (a random amount of credits)
  • Treasure Box (a random amount of credits)
  • Complete Profile (5 credits)

High Credits

  • Invite Friends to Use Dingtone (each invitation brings 20 credits)
  • Play Games (up to 100 credits)

Huge Credits

  • Complete an Offer (5-100 credits and 1.5X or 2X during events)
  • Offers and Surveys (calling minutes earning)

Play Fun Games for Credits (Updates Irregularly)

  • Feeding a Dingtone Cat
  • Growing a Fruit
  • Knife Hits

An Important Tip to Earn Dingtone Credits

Follow Dingtone on Facebook, Twitter, and bookmark Dingtone’s Blog. You’ll be instantly informed when new opportunities arrive to gain more credits.

One golden rule: Spend as much time on Dingtone and it’s totally worth it.

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