Make Free International Phone Calls with Dingtone

Dingtone is an online calling app that lets you use WiFi or cellular data to make domestic and international phone calls for free. Compared with landlines or a traditional mobile service, Dingtone can be used anytime and anywhere in the world with absolutely no international charges – and, for that matter, without any charges whatsoever! If you want to make free texts and calls online, Dingtone is the top bargain. It’s consistently ranked as one of the best free calling apps on the market.

So How Come Can Dingtone be Used for Free Calling?

We’ve all been there before. You’re on holiday, you make a quick call home, and all of a sudden, you’ve racked up an eye-watering charge on your monthly bill.

But with Dingtone, such an issue won’t be met again. You are allowed to make totally free texts and calls to any number, landline or mobile, locally or internationally. Therefore, you can go wherever you want, and stay in touch with whoever you want because Dingtone helps you cut the cost.

Based on the VOIP technology, Dingtone lets you make free phone calls as long as there’s WiFi or cellular signal. It’s that simple. Based on secure VoIP technology, calls are connected through the internet. And because Dingtone operates solely online, it eliminates fundamental costs like line rental, base stations, etc. Dingtone directly cuts the cost and passes that saving onto you.

A Complete Guide to Make Free Phone Calls via Dingtone

To make free phone calls via Dingtone, the following elements should be well prepared:

  • A smartphone or device where Dingtone can be downloaded and installed on
  • Enough credits (can be earned through numerous activities on Dingtone app)
  • Access from your smartphone or device to the Internet
  • Get a Dingtone number (Any Dingtone user is allowed to get a number for free)

Earn Dingtone Credits for Online Free Calling

At Dingtone, we don’t believe you should have to exchange your hard-earned cash for calls. Instead, we’ve set up an easy credit system with multiple quick ways to earn sufficient credits for free international calls and messages.

Dingtone Credit System

Credits can be earned from Dingtone from the following channels:

Low or Random Credits

  • Daily Check-in (1-3 credits for each time and more credits can be expected if you do it continuously)
  • Watch Videos (0.5-5 credits for each video watching)
  • I’m Feeling Lucky (a random amount of credits)
  • Treasure Box (a random amount of credits)
  • Complete Profile (5 credits)

High Credits

  • Invite Friends to Use Dingtone (each invitation brings 20 credits)
  • Play Games (up to 100 credits)

Huge Credits

  • Complete an Offer (5-100 credits and 1.5X or 2X during events)
  • Offers and Surveys (calling minutes earning)

Get a Dingtone Phone Number

To make free phone calls from Dingtone to anyone, landline or mobile, local or international, the first tool you should have is a Dingtone phone number that does work. It’s so easy to get a phone number from Dingtone that it only calls for 3 steps.

  • Step 1. Download and install Dingtone on your smartphone.
  • Step 2. Tap the “Connect” and then “Get Your First Phone Number”.
  • Step 3. Select a country, area code and a phone number and pay for it (You can pay with credits for a free number).

Now, you’ve got your Dingtone number that can be used to make calls, send text messages and register for online accounts.

How to Make Free International and Local Calls with Dingtone?

First, any two users hooked up to the Dingtone app can call and text each other free of charge. Second, if you want to make a call to landlines or mobiles, you just use the credit system. But don’t worry, that’s free too!

It’s so easy to get credits to make free phone calls and send messages to regular phones. You could even enjoy free international calls. Just earn credits through a daily check-in, lucky credits, playing games, inviting friends to use Dingtone, completing your profile or doing surveys, etc. It’s so quick, you’ll be chatting away on your international numbers in no time.

Dingtone has an easy-to-use interface. If you want to make an international long call, enter the “Call” dial pad, select the country code on the upper left corner, then dial the number: area code (no need to add 0 before area code) + phone number. If you are making local free calls, just dial the number directly. That’s it. No hassle whatsoever.

How to Make Free Calls to Pakistan

More and more Pakistanis are going abroad to study or find work. In fact, in 2015, 1 million Pakistanis worked outside the country and Pakistan was ranked number two in South Asia for sending workers abroad.

How do Pakistanis abroad keep in touch with their family and friends back home? In the past, they relied on expensive international calls. But thanks to advanced technology, now there is a much cheaper and more convenient way to contact family and friends, that is, Dingtone.

How does the Dingtone Free Calling App Work?

Dingtone supports most of the platforms on the market, including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and others. As long as you have a good WiFi or 3G/4G data network, you can enjoy unlimited crystally clear calls. Calls made on Dingtone are transmitted via the internet instead of a cellular network, so there is no minute limit. You can talk as long as you like without worrying about exceeding some monthly limit.

Free Calls to Pakistan among Dingtone Users

Dingtone provides unlimited free calls and texts among Dingtone users. If you work in the United States and need to call Pakistan regularly, just get Dingtone for you and your family to enjoy unlimited free calls. Dingtone is easy to set up and you can sign up with your phone number, email address, or Facebook account. You don’t have to tap a bunch of numbers to make a call because your contacts list will be automatically linked to Dingtone.

Call Any Mobile or Landline in Pakistan for Free

What if you want to call a landline or a non-Dingtone mobile? No worries. You can earn Dingtone credits quickly and easily and then use them to make free calls to non-Dingtone users. Dingtone offers a variety of ways for users to earn plenty of credits for free calls. You get credits for watching short videos, checking in every day, completing sponsored offers, and much more. You can even get 20 credits for each friend you invite to join Dingtone! In addition, when you call a non-Dingtone user, you caller ID is displayed so your friend knows it’s you.

How to Make Phone Calls to Jamaica

For many Jamaicans living abroad in the U.S. or the U.K., keeping in touch with family and friends is very important. You may want to wish your best friend a happy birthday, hear the voices of your children, or ask your mom what she puts in her jerk chicken to make it so special. But doing all that requires racking up expensive long-distance bills and who’s got the money for that. Now there’s a way to make cheap international phone calls to Jamaica:  Dingtone!

International Calling Cards

Calling cards are the most traditional way to make international calls. You can buy an international calling card at pretty much any convenience store, newsstand, or supermarket. They come with different values such as $5, $10, or $15. You use a landline or mobile phone to dial a toll-free number, enter the PIN code on your card, and then dial the number you want. Although they’re convenient, calls made with international calling cards are often expensive.

International SIM Cards

You can get a prepaid international SIM card from companies such as Go Sim or OneSimCard to use when you are abroad. International SIM cards work in most unlocked GSM phones. Just take out your regular SIM card, put in the international SIM card, and you can start making calls. Rates start at USD $0.25/min. With Go Sim, your family and friends can call you for free using your global toll-free number.

Smartphone Apps

With the prevalence of smartphones and WiFi hotspots, using a smartphone calling app is the best way to make cheap international phone calls to Jamaica. Some apps, like Dingtone, even let you make international long-distance calls for free. You download the app, earn free credits every day, and use those credits to call any landline or mobile number around the world. You can even get a real U.S. phone number on Dingtone to receive calls from Jamaica. Calling from Jamaica to the U.S. is dirt cheap on Dingtone so you and your friends in Jamaica will never have to worry about phone bills. With a U.S. number from Dingtone and the Dingtone app on your device, you can even make free calls and send free texts on your iPod, iPad, and tablet.

How to Make Free Calls to Nigeria

Nigerians who have just arrived in the United States often encounter many interesting new experiences that they want to share with family and friends back home. But long-distance calls are so expensive. What’s an expatriate Nigerian to do? Dingtone!

How to Make Free Calls around the World

That’s right. With the Dingtone app, you can make free international phone calls to Nigeria!  As long as you have a good WiFi or 3G/4G data connection, you can call anyone in the world without using your valuable cell minutes.

Calls between Dingtone users are completely FREE. In addition, you can make free calls to non-Dingtone users by earning free Dingtone credits. Simply open the app, click the “Daily Check-in” button, and you’re good to go. You can earn even more credits when you watch a video or play a game. In no time, you’ll be on your way to making free international phone calls to Nigeria.

Crystally Clear Voice

Voice calls are transmitted on Dingtone’s high-quality, dedicated VoIP network. With HD voice technology, most free calls between Dingtone users are clearer than existing phone services. Free calls and cheap calls are no longer cheap quality!

Real Phone Number

With Dingtone, you can get a real phone number and you don’t have to go through all the trouble of registering with a phone company. Dingtone gives you a real U.S. phone number that can be used on your smartphone, iPad, or tablet. You can make calls, receive calls, send texts, and receive texts just like any other phone number. In Nigeria, the cell phone signals are often weak and people experience dropped calls and poor call quality. With Dingtone, you’ll avoid this problem because you use WiFi to make calls and the quality is very good.

It’s even better if your family and friends download and use Dingtone too. If you’re both using the Dingtone app, you don’t even have to use credits—you all talk for free! And for each new user you invite to Dingtone, you can earn up to 20 free Dingtone credits. With Dingtone, you can call your family in Nigeria whenever you like and talk as long as you like. Let Dingtone help you keep in touch with your family.

Make Free Calls to Nepal

For people who work away from home, staying connected with family and friends is not easy.  International calls used to be the only way to connect with family and friends back home. A lot of people working abroad used to call home only once or twice a month because of expensive international calling rates. But now, all that has changed. New technology makes calling anywhere in the world not just possible, but free.

VoIP: the new backup for communication.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This technology transmits phone calls via the internet instead of a cellular network. VoIP services are accessed via the internet using your smartphone or tablet. Assuming you have a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection and a free VoIP calling app, you can easily make free calls to Nepal.

Make free calls using the Dingtone calling app

There are lots of companies that provide free VoIP calling services. Dingtone, though, is the leader in cheap, high-quality calls.

Dingtone is a free VoIP calling app with comprehensive features. You can call any mobile or landline in over 200 countries at little or no cost. Calls and texts among Dingtone users are completely FREE. So if you’re abroad and need to call back home to Nepal, getting the Dingtone app for you and your family is the most economical solution. As long as you have a good WiFi, 3G, 4G, or LTE data connection, you can make unlimited free calls.

Call any landline and mobile for free

Most calling apps only supports phone calls to users who own the same app. With the Dingtone free calling app, you can call anyone in the world, even if he or she does not have the app.

Calls to non-Dingtone users can be paid for with Dingtone credits. There are many ways to quickly and easily earn Dingtone credits without paying a dime. For example, you can get 20 credits for each friend you invite to join Dingtone. You can also earn lots of credits by checking in, watching video ads, playing games, and completing easy tasks.

Make Free Calls to China

Every year, more and more Chinese students go abroad to study or work in the United States, Canada, and the UK. They soon discover that being an international student or staff in a foreign country is not easy. Very often, they miss their family back in China and want to call and talk. But with the cost of food, rentals, books, and everything else, a student’s budget is very tight. There should be a way for them to make cheap (even free) calls to China. Now there is! Dingtone.

Make cheap, even free calls to China

Dingtone wants to make it so that every student who studies can call their family and friends whenever they want. Studying in a foreign country is hard enough—students shouldn’t have to worry about long-distance calling costs. Now, all they need to do is to download Dingtone for free on their iPhone or Android smartphone.

Get free Dingtone credits for free calling

Make sure to open your Dingtone app every day and check in to earn free credits. Then use those free credits to make free calls to China. Dingtone sponsors also help international students stay connected with their families in China by offering free Dingtone credits when you watch a video or play a game. Earn free Dingtone credits every day and you’ll soon be making lots of free calls to China.

Invite your family to use Dingtone

When everyone uses Dingtone, you don’t even need Dingtone credits—you can send free texts and make free calls to China right away. So tell your family and friends in China to download the app today! Inviting new users for Dingtone also earns you credits.

Make Free Calls to Bangladesh

Living abroad is no longer a new idea for most people and the smartphone age has revolutionized the way we talk and interact with our families. Gone are the days when we relied on expensive international calling cards to contact our loved ones back in Bangladesh or around the world. If you are working away from your family and want to make free call to Bangladesh, chances are you have heard of free internet calling services like Dingtone.

Use the Dingtone internet calling app for free calls to Bangladesh

Dingtone is a free downloading and calling app for smartphone users. Dingtone allows users to make cheap calls over the internet (instead of a cellular network) without using valuable cell minutes. In addition to making free calls between Dingtone users, you can also call any landline or mobile, local or international in the world at little or no cost.

How to make free calls to Bangladesh

If both of you have the Dingtone app, calls and texts are always free. You can talk for hours with your family and friends back home without spending a dime. Wherever you are, at home or abroad, as long as you have the app, you can always enjoy unlimited free calls. You can earn free Dingtone credits to make free calls to your family and friends back home in Bangladesh, even if they are not Dingtone users. These credits can be earned by completing simple activities like checking in, watching videos, and completing offers.

Real U.S. phone numbers and area codes

If you are located in Bangladesh and have clients, customers, friends, or family in the U.S., you can now provide them with a local U.S. phone number that will ring directly to your mobile phone. You can get real U.S. phone numbers on Dingtone in the area of your choice. What’s more, Dingtone gives you full freedom to pick your own number. The number works just like any real phone number with features like call block, caller ID, call forwarding, and voicemail.

Make Free Calls to Philippines

Filipinos work abroad more than any other nationality on the planet. One tenth of the population works abroad and sends money back to support nearly half of the country’s households. The president of the country has called these workers “the heroes of our country’s economy.” Filipino maids work tirelessly in foreign countries, cleaning homes, cooking meals, and taking care of other people’s children while their own children are left behind in the Philippines. Every penny a Filipino maid earns is carefully saved to be sent home.

With such a need to save money, how can Filipino workers afford to make long-distance phone calls to keep in touch with her family? Dingtone!

Make free international calls to Philippines with Dingtone

At Dingtone, we want to make your life easier by giving you an app you can use to call home for free. Just download Dingtone for free on your iPhone or Android phone and earn free credits to make free calls to the Philippines using a WiFi connection.

Invite your family to join Dingtone for totally free calling and texting

You can invite your friends and family in the Philippines to download Dingtone and you’ll both be able to send free texts and make free calls without the need for credits.

In addition to Dingtone’s unlimited free calls, you can also enjoy free instant messaging as well as free SMS. Dingtone supports multimedia sharing such as photos, pictures, locations, and contacts, making it a great platform for keeping in touch with your family and friends. You can create different chat groups and even add non-Dingtone users as members. With Dingtone, you can share the meaningful moments with the ones you care about anywhere, anytime, for free.

Get a real phone number to receive calls and texts

Dingtone can also give you a free phone number that can be used just like any real phone number. People can call you and you can make calls to anyone in the world. You pay for this phone number with Dingtone credits that you can easily earn every day by checking into the Dingtone app, watching videos, or playing game.

Make Free Calls from UAE

The United Arab Emirates attracts a large number of migrant workers from countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, with most workers doing labor intensive construction jobs. These are men who make the difficult decisions to leave behind their families to come to UAE in hopes of making money to send back home. When they want to call their families, they face expensive long-distance calling rates from local UAE phone companies and communications software, such as Skype, are blocked in the UAE. What can they do to make cheap calls from United Arab Emirates to their home countries?

Cheap or Even Free Calls from United Arab Emirates

We, at Dingtone, try to help families stay connected with each other even when they are separated by thousands of miles. We want everyone to be able to call their wife, children, or parent whenever they want to. Dingtone smartphone app especially helps migrant workers make cheap calls from United Arab Emirates. First of all, Dingtone is free to download for anyone owning an iPhone, Android phone, iPad or tablet. Secondly, you can earn free credits every day and use those credits to pay for calls to any landline and mobile number in the world.

Make it Free to Call to Any Country from UAE

To save the most money on calls from United Arab Emirates, we recommend that both parties download and use Dingtone for texts and calls. When both parties use Dingtone, then you get unlimited free texts and calls with each other.

Migrant workers in the UAE face enough hardships and difficulties as it is, communicating with your family back home shouldn’t be a problem. With Dingtone, you can call your family and friends as often as you want, to get some love and support so that you can continue doing your job.

Dingtone’s Free WiFi Calling is Just the Start!

Apart from free calls and text messages, users are also allowed to use some useful features Dingtone holds.


We do more than toll free calls.

What happens if you miss a call from your friend? We’ve got you covered. Let Dingtone voicemail handle it! Once you have a Dingtone phone number, you can then set up your voicemail. Tap “More” – “Settings” – “Call Settings” – “Set up Voicemail” – Enable “Use Voicemail”. You can use the default greeting or, if you fancy having a bit of fun, record your own personalized greeting for a unique experience.

Call Forwarding

You can also set up call forwarding for your Dingtone phone number. Tap “More” – “Settings” – “Call Settings” – “Set up Call Forwarding” and enter the phone number you want your calls forwarded to.

Block Unknown Phone Calls and Texts

Tired of picking up the phone only to hear the annoying drone of a telemarketer? Dingtone lets you block calls and texts from unknown numbers. Simply tap “More” – “Settings” – “Call Settings” – “Set up Call Block”. And not only does Dingtone let you block unknown phone numbers, you can also block any number you specify.


Dingtone is not just a free international calling app. It’s all about personal experience. Do you know you can select different ringtones? Tap “More” – “Settings” – “Notification Settings”. We’ve got a great range of ringtones to choose from, and you can also configure alerts for incoming messages. If you’ve completed your configurations but you still do not hear alerts from Dingtone, then please check your phone settings and enable push notifications for Dingtone.

Download Dingtone