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How to Receive SMS on Dingtone Free SMS App

Is it possible to send and receive SMS on iPad, iPod and tablet?

Of course! If you installed Dingtone free texting App and have a Dingtone phone number then you can send and receive SMS on iPads, iPods and tablets. If you don’t have a Dingtone number then you can only send SMS from iPad, iPod and tablet but cannot receive SMS.

Can’t receive an SMS on Dingtone?

  1. Do you have a Dingtone phone number? If you don’t have one, you must get a Dingtone phone number first.
  2. If you are having problems receiving an SMS, open the Dingtone app -> More -> Settings -> Call Settings -> Set up Call Block. Verify if the reason you can’t receive SMS is because you have selected “Block calls”.

How to receive international SMS?

If the receiver’s phone number and your Dingtone phone number are not from the same country, first check if your friend’s phone is able to send international texts. You can also remind your friend to include the country code of your Dingtone phone number when they send you an SMS.

The phone number does not display correctly?

For certain countries where the carriers do not support call display for Dingtone phone numbers (such as the Philippines) your friend cannot directly reply to the SMS you sent but can directly enter your Dingtone number on their phone to reply to you.

Don’t want to receive SMS from someone? Block them!

If you don’t want to receive SMS from somebody then you only need to tap on the “Edit Pen” on the upper right corner of the Messages screen, then find the person you want to block in your contacts, tap to enter the chat screen, then tap on the menu on the upper right corner and select “Block the Caller”.

How much does it cost to send and receive SMS? Is there a price plan?

  1. Your specific cost for sending and receiving SMS can be found by tapping on “More” -> “Call Rates” then choose the desired country code to display the rate.
  2. Non-Dingtone users sending and receiving SMS from a Dingtone user will be charged the rates of their local carrier. Dingtone users will also need to pay a small amount of Dingtone credits to receive the SMS. 【Note】The amount of Dingtone credits needed to receive SMS is usually less than the amount needed for sending SMS.
  3. If you regularly send and receive SMS, especially international SMS, it is worth it to get an annual SMS plan: 6000 SMS for 600 Dingtone credits (including international SMS). Open Dingtone app, enter the “SMS” screen, choose a contact, open the menu on the upper right corner and then you will be able to Purchase Unlimited Text Plan.

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